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[round-the-world military affairs reports] imprint cling to two army be in Kashmir controversy area fight to upgrade ceaselessly day after day. According to " Indian times " 8 days of reports, of 7 days of evening fighting is to imprint cling to the most serious military affairs conflict since both sides reached cease-fire agreement 2003. Indian frontier defence army emissive artillery shell of the same night has fight back, eliminate 18 terrorist Pakistan to say at least, yin Jun bombard causes 15 Pakistan civilian to die, more than 50 civilian get hurt.

Imprint cling to both sides criticises the other side instigates first martial conflict. Major general of sweat of heart of army merchant dimension says frontier defence of Ba Zhunjun thing: We do not know to imprint why to just atttack cling to civilian. But " Hinduism apprentice signs up for " write civil say, this is army of frontier defence of Pakistan accurate military affairs first to India 50 guard and 35 blindage launch assault, yin Juncai with violent gunfire fight back. Afp expresses, because imprint cling to fight continually, make many building near border land is marred badly by, about 20 thousand people already from this area migratory.

" Indian times " say 8 days, imprint cling to bilateral and weekly 2 have a conversation with respect to attrib border problem through phone hot line. Yin Jun is warned 7 days in phone hot line cling to square, d

irective of chief of staff of army of comply with India, with intense, direct and why is enough response provoked to Ba Guoren give strike back strongly. And Ba Jun just says, had given out pair of India to group of observer of U.N. military affairs complain.

In recent years, imprint cling to the miniature conflict that is in Kashmir controversy area is ceaseless, especially case of terroristic to civilian assault increasingly grow in quantity. According to not complete count, after Mo Di appears on the stage, this area happens 20 cases to fight at least incident. Analysis of Carter blame weighs Wei Weike of the diplomat before India: Participate from Mo Di begin, pakistan is exploring all the time Indian reaction, the ceaseless harrass that controls a route to Kashmir fact is calculated. Indian military affairs observes the home thinks, conflict upgrades again and again is the result that Pakistan terrorist intensifies be being permeated to India, the more before hoping to come in winter snowfall slips into India. Zhou Er is late, indian defense minister already sum

monned chief of staff of land sea empty three armed services, discuss the plan that strikes Pakistan terrorist next.

(Original title: Imprint cling to happen 10 years to fight the badliest 15 Pakistan civilian dies)



Occupy official of government of Afghanistan of report of Xinhua News Agency 8 days to say, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization two days ago " Jinuke " arm carriage helicopter meets with down, because,be by Taliban " ensnare " , and purpose of this action of tower benefit class depends on be " base " constituent head Wusamabenladeng " revenge " .

Entrap decoy says

An Afghan official that does not wish to publish a full name tells Afp 8 days the reporter, "Jinuke " meet with by down fact department person coax, fall into trap of tower benefit class. "Already confirmed now, military helicopter... fall into commander of class of benefit of a tower to set the trap below. Military helicopter... fall into commander of class of benefit of a tower to set the trap below..

The view of this official is, the commander of tower benefit class that is called Kalidaxier is set bureau, inform an U.S. Army with the means of similar clue: The one place that members of large quantities of one tower benefit class are covering with tiles Er amounts to a gram to visit area of the valley that ascend auspicious civilian curtilage inside meet and discuss. Be stationed in Afghan international safety to help unit " Jinuke " armed transport acts subsequently, fly the target in going to a valley.

This official says, helicopter accords with expect of tower benefit class completely into cereal line, because this course is the only course into cereal. Taliban sets hot season in valley a side beforehand, wait for helicopter to fly close when executive attack.

The photograph that Afghan information personnel obtains shows, "Jinuke " much part of the whole body gets shot, include " the mark that advanced weapon leaves " .

Reinforce says by volt

Afp cite is same the word report of renown official, afghan president Ha Mide blocks Er to plunge into Yi government to think to be ambushed this is Taliban " the Samabenladeng that it is black is avenged.

But a spokesman is admitting Taliban before a word is ascended to was not carried to this pulling when Taliban engineers executive assault.

The United States

just was not approbated " decoy says " . Contrary, official of an United States is announced to American media, "Seal " team member is taken at that time " Jinuke " drive go to a valley, assist American army to swim cavalry group gets military of tired special type one group.

This official says, "Seal " reinforce army repels besiege successfully to swim in valley region the armed personnel of cavalry group, but in returning way, helicopter experience ambushs crash.

Another official says, swim cavalry group is previous by is overland and irruptive valley, besiege instead. After crashing, swim cavalry group is driven go to crashing spot, clear away " remaining pieces " .

In addition, the Pentagon at present begins to consider how " fill a vacancy " . Nevertheless expert of army of special type of university of American national defence agrees the Buddhist nun thinks of Clow spy captain to think, short-term inside, fill is vacant and not easy, what because foster,need 5 years with arms of level special type is long.

North begins to check about

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is stationed in Afghan international safety to help army 7 days confirm, north is being investigated about " Jinuke " the reason of helicopter crash. Waerdake saves governmental spokesman to say, 7 days that day, crashing place still happens fight.

The BBC is stationed in Kun Tingsa of reporter of Afghan capital Kabul Moweier thinks, the possibility that north of down of tower benefit class makes an appointment with a plane is not large. But Taliban alleges, they introduced advanced rocket, essence of life is spent definitely taller. Samoweier thinks, this one view may be not belonged to solid.

Malan of Michael of chairman of joint meeting of U.S. Army chief of staff says, concluding now is gunship of what weapon down returns premature.

7 days of statement say Afghan president government office, presidential Hamidekaerzayi also gives orders to establish an inves

tigation group.

Associated press cite covers with tiles Er amounts to Xiaxidulasha of spokesman of the government that capture a province to hope the word report of heart, army of the foreign country that be stationed in A and Afghan unit still develop a military affairs to act around crashing place.

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Original title: Conference of class of TPP negotiation minister will be held in Singapore at will rising on Feburary 22

According to Japan joint company reports, singapore government 10 days announce formally, cross agreement of concern o

f Pacific Ocean associate (conference of class of TPP) negotiation minister will at 22 hold in this country to 25 days. Day just takes on clique TPP photograph Gan Liming is attended.

Before this, each country is represented will at 17 hold presiding negotiation to represent the conference to 21 days, wait for difficulty domain to launch negotiation with respect to reform of cancel custom duty, state-owned company centrally, day square You Hegang fair 2 attend.

12 negotiations country already will hold ministerial class meeting in Singapore in December last year, but because fail close dif

ference and abandon the goal that comes to an agreement inside year.

Japan ever put forward to be in 5 produce, abolish ox tongue and the custom duty that machine the partial produce such as rice, take place of items of 0 custom duty specific gravity to rise to 95% the left and right sides. But the United States continues to ask Japanese cancel is all the custom duty of produce, this makes Japan feels embarrassed.

Appear in car domain both sides attack and defence changeover. The United States had be notted announce when the of 2.5% custom duty that cancel imposes to Japanese car, day just expresses malcontently " if inaccuracy decides cancel date, so cancel custom duty will become a piece of lip service " .

If the United States announces the cancel date of car custom duty,Japanese manner is, maintain produce custom duty to give proper understanding to Japan, japan is OK will liberalize rate rise again a little a bit. In American requirement Japan unified Motor Vehicle Safety Standard is mixed adjust an entrance to limit a field, province of Japanese economy industry also expresses " the requirement that will consider the United States as far as possible " .

The foot just walked along somebody of the rear foot to inbreak before Aobama the White House is especially diligent the bureau is scattered partial personnel

 Member of Mexican sinister gang admits to kill the name that be missing learns stranger is police gives they

 Login register Australia of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian 6 years old male child delimit surfboard brave is saved drown two father and son win support! Origin: ? ?2014-01-29 12:1 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Australian Xin Nawei 6 years old of male Tong Da pull Er person this delimiting surfboard, helped the father and son that drowns to nearly.

In report occupied new network on January 28 outside intermediary report, australia was a few days ago to

father and son when beach paddle, encounter dangerous nearly unfortunately to drown. Making what they did not think of is, one year only little boy of 6 years old is delimiting surfboard comes round, helped two people.

According to the report, the little boy that helps a person gallantly is 6 years old of of Er person male Tong Da pull Australian Xin Nawei this. Dalasi's father says, they are in at that time seaside amuse oneself, abrupt discovery has father and son two people struggle on offing. The man sinks in water, still try a son adduce surface, two people encounter risk it seems that.

Because lifeguard distance is further, dalasi's father prepares to head for accident place immediately. But did not think of, his son Dalasi of 6 years old actually take the lead, delimiting surfboard takes the lead in be being driven toward

accident ground. When waiting for father to arrive, a pair of father and son of be in danger already held surfboard in arms, already escape from a danger.

Dalasi's father says, dalasi since begin to learn surf since 4 years old, did not want to attend a meeting in this one day saves others. Team of local coast lifesaving is in charge of what also take the hero that praises Dalasi energetically to lift.

(Original title: Australia 6 years old male child delimit surfboard brave is saved drown father and son is obtained praise (graph) )

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored


 The man is taught oneself by bad luck put in prison accusation of legal wash out: Procuratorial work arrange forces a witness to forswear

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 Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile


The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the a

ged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

 0757佛山js论坛Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt

to, artic
le, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken


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