The person that Jap上海后花园论坛anese NHK newsreel uncovers 731 army violence to kiss all previous offers夜上海论坛 detail of experiment of the body that narrate work

Come for years, the aggressive crime of 731 army is made public 上海千花网论坛to admit with refusing for historical data by Japanese government all the time. Be in however August 13, namely before two days when Japan announces a surrender at discretion 72 years, japanese NHK TV station broadcasted however first phase contains the special subject that reviews implication piece, cry " the truth of 731 army " .

As we have learned, the to 731 army war criminal trial that this NHK has with Baluofusike is being breathed out in Russia serves as filmed basic material, include minister of surgeon of army of east of Shanhaiguan publicly first inside large quantities of one 731 unit members, concern those who be engaged in bacterial weapon studies and having test of vivid everybody body to admit one's guilt in those days recording, complete ground is reductive in those days how do 731 army make gas bomb, how to have the heinous crime of human body experiment.

In newsreel, a lot of former 731 unit member is in confession, the detail of your person bristle with anger in telling about the Japanese army to have biological weapon research and savage act of human body experiment in China.

The staff that shares an experiment says, they ever fell in extremely cold weather, blow suddenly to object of live body experiment with fan, produce a frostbite result bloodily artificially. The plain island Qing Dynasty of the first minister says Ceng Ren unit, this army ever had used bacterial weapon to Chinese army in many cities of Chinese, distribute in the place such as the well of a few dorp, reservior bacterium, make countless innocent peoples fall victim. Plain island is returned more confessed in confession the detail with 731 very cruel army, admit convict is relapsed to be used at the experiment, do not have a convict finally to be able to come down alive.

Newsreel " the truth of 731 army " besides the violence that discloses the Japanese army to have biological weapon research and human body test in China, still disclosed the college of Japan of another responsibility main body of Japanese army violence.

Japanese college has monetary contact with 731 army

In newsreel, NHK of TV station of Japanese broadcast association discovers through studying historical data, the connection of Japanese army and Japanese university is very close at that time, the army offers research funds for the university, university criterion to be carried by aggressive ground alleged research qua上海4197龙凤lified personnel. These universities the capital of a country with respect to what include to be famous in the world university, Tokyo university is waited a moment. In the library of Kyoto university, TV station of Japanese broadc全国凤凰楼信息网站ast association discovered the monetary come-and-go evidence between 731 army and medical researcher.

College professor studies typhoid fever virus through human body experiment

Evidence shows, 731 army paid the assistant of ministry of Kyoto university medicine at[......]


Cygnus meteor shower has delimited celest上海千花上海千花网坊网论坛楼风ial Chongqing citizen records next bright moments

Message of stage of Chongqing network broadcasting television, yeste上海千花网论坛rday (18 days) arrive in the evening today before dawn, cygnus K meteor shower receives great hour, the photography lover of large ample area and citizen go up in Bao Dingshan, with professional equipment the record left this one wonderful picture.

Because film meteor shower asks to the environment taller, must want outskirts or the light such as the country pollutes the place with little, high relief, and南京千花网论坛 should have p夜上海论坛网rofessional equipment ability record the bright moment that mean star rain falls, so, yesterday evening just at nightfall, photography lover and not little citizen on the Bao Dingshan that drive car comes to to big sufficient outskirts of a city, wear fine installation, await the arrival of meteor shower.

In the evening before 11 o'clock, naked eye is all over the sky it is thus clear that stars, pass through the camera lens of professional camera, the starlight of all over the sky is more beautiful and grand, attendant citizen is convinced by this beautiful picture place, the arrival to meteor shower appears more expect.

After 11 o'clock, there is a shooting star to had delimited in succession in sky, in the time of two many hours, the citizen saw 10 right-and-left meteor shower with naked eye, these meteoric brightness are taller, each appeared in night sky the time that 2 seconds influence, 爱上海贵族宝贝论坛very beautiful.

As we have learned, cygnus meteor shower is the meteor shower that shows with pointing out for radiation near Cygnus, its characteristic is to be bolide more, meteoric trace is short, brightness is tall, color slants white. Its shift rate is slow, average rate has 25km/s only, and most brightness is taller, pe上海后花园ople naked eye can be vie阿拉爱上海wed and admire, introduce according to photography lover, close paragraph of time, still will meteor shower appears. Stick-to-itive citizen, ca上海千花网论坛n head for view and admire.

Li Dong of big sufficient desk old Ke Nan

Original title: Cygnus meteor shower has delimited responsibility of instant of the bright below celestial citizen record edits: Yuan Jing is static[......]


Nanni千花网论坛约会归来ng calls ma全国凤凰楼信息网站le neighbour malty wine take liberties with women inside one woman elevator by act indecently towards the other side

Fair number of small letter of austral morning paper on August 19 message, on August 17 before dawn 1 when make, nanning is young woman small Ling (alias) the village is returned alone after eating a meal with the friend, received lift together with one man, it is unexpectedly inside elevator this is short one bell, let small Ling like nightmare however one's heart still fluttering with fear.

Small Ling says, on August 17 before dawn 1 when 4 minutes, after she returns a village, r上海花千坊爱上海eceived lift early or late with this man. Small Ling pressed 15 buildings, the man pressed 20 buildings.

Unexpectedly elevator door just was shut, the man called sound the belle toward her, immediately starts work to small Ling use a base. Small Ling hides to elevator horn immediately, crouch a private parts quickly, protect oneself bosom with both hands at the same time.

His strength is very great, the hand that pulls open me forcibly at the same time touchs my breast, kiss me by force still, very violent. Small Ling is containing a tear to be recollected.

When elevator reachs 5 floors, the door opened suddenly, the foot of small Ling just strode an elevator, was pulled forcibly by the man again, continue to undertake to her act indecently towards.

After elevator arrives at 15 buildings door to leave, small Ling reachs elevator door with the foot to the上海龙凤1314 utmost, climbing to give lift, but this man attacks however, pull her toward stair mouth forcibly.

There is lamplight in corridor, I died to the deathtrap pulls staircase and bite his hand, still warn him to say I can call the police, but he still did not suspend an action, he threw one Jiao later, I use crural spurn he ran back to the home.

Small Ling says, when be being written down he is excellently, she is clear about is before dawn 1 when 7 minutes. I do not have the courage to think, if I fail to flounce off him at that time, can have what kind of consequence.

On August 17 morning, small Ling is in of parents accompany next going to village property examined monitoring, call the police.

Receive after calling the police, each floor and the place that experience case ma上海龙凤419论坛n may appear and disappear have village of policeman counterproposal hair examination, chase door into door knock investigate, be in on August 18 afternoon 5 when make, at this village 2 20 buildings found this man Huang Mou in some resident home.

Via examining, the illegal behavior of act indecently towards inside elevator to oneself woman admits Huang Mou. Because did not cause serious consequence, police drafts the punishment that makes administration detain 15 days to Huang Mou to decide; If evidence is perfect, will turn punishment arrest.

When Huang Mou is accepting media to interview, the explanation that makes to oneself doing is a malty wine think behave like a hooligan.

Via checking, huang Mou is 25 years old, person of peaceful area of another name for Nanning, live in accident village together with fa[......]


2017 China two chan上海龙凤后花园g爱上海贵族宝贝自荐shlf1314e place of shirt-sleeve congress time: In August 25

Meet extraordinary wisdom when frozen machinery, manage innovation concept when collision of traditional job mechanism, when tens of year experience of innovation industry field and knowledge of major of forward position data are perfect be united in wedlock, global industry is occurrent fission. New revolution of round of science and technology and industry change to be in arisen, condition of new technology, new pattern, new job emerges in endlessly. New technology is in replace old technique, new pattern is in overturn traditional pattern, chinese enterprise is in change in appear gave new posture and feature, it is in order to innovate with data especially this enterprise strong rise abruptly, become the main force of competition ability of tamp countryman economy. Preeminent company emerges in endlessly, the industry is mixed to model by redefine, new commercial modes of life and relation to their environment is in plump and perfect. Left hand is traditional industry, the right hand is with the wind and the Internet that stand + new student condition, both confluence will bring infinite imaginary space to future.

Nowadays, this changed to open brand-new canto again.

In August 25-26 day, by China two change confluence to serve confluence of manufacturing industry of allied, China and Internet to develop alliance to sponsor, government of people of division 全国凤凰楼信息网站of rising sun of research center of development of safety of national industry news, Beijing, Beijing assist achieve informatization and industrialized confluence to promote a center to undertake, association of informatization of area of Beijing rising sun assist the 2017 China that do two change shirt-sleeve congress to be about to hold in national conference center. Congress catchs digital economy to develop with accelerating changeover of continue of new old kinetic energy to grab first machine for the theme, will unscramble from policy of production powerful nation and construction of network powerful nation, aid push reform of changeover of continue of new old kinetic energy, traditional business to upgrade, accelerate innovation development, mining Chinese wisdom is built, isogon of exploration digitlization transition is spent, with industry and informatization ministry, the State Council state-owned asset supervises the government sector leader such as administrative committee, various place industry and informatization are in charge of sectional leader, expert scholar and entrepreneur undertake discussion extensively related the domain such as industry, economy, technology, finance.

Basically see a drop

Authority unscrambles policy new rule, the China that help strength is made

The relevant section such as committee of state-owned asset supervisory management leads industry and informatization ministry and the State Council serious talk, authority is unscrambled " China is made 2025 " , " the directive opinion that the State Council develops about deepening manufacturin[......]


Tourist of garden of the 8上海贵族宝贝sh1314 wild animal that amount t上海后花园419o mountain opens a window to feed bear to bite garden square: In investigation

In new network Beijing on August 21 report recently, media coverage says, garden of the 8 wild animal that amount to mountain happens to drive a tourist to open window incident in do sth without authorization of area of beast of prey on上海龙凤419论坛eself again, bring about tourist left arm by blackbear bite into, blood flows continuously. This afternoon, new network reporter calls garden t上海千花网论坛o just understand for many times in, this incident still lies in investigation.

Media exposes to the sun piece, on August 18, an old surname man is violated in amuse oneself of garden of the 8 wild animal that amount to mountain compasses open a window to be bitten by bear. Small gain cut pursues

Recently, media coverage says, on August 18, an old surname man and friend drive come to amuse oneself of garden of the 8 wild animal that amount to mountain, drive to come through the horse Xiong Yuan, see others is cast feed thing of it doesn't matter, he opened car window small seam, throw food outside.

At this moment, a bear holds a food leaving aside ate, another Xiong Li was surrounded namely come over, gathering up car window tries to extend the head into the car inside, bite the left arm of old surname man.

21 days afternoon, new network reporter calls office of garden of the 8 wild animal that amount to mountain in, a staff member expresses, this thing is among investigation, I also do not reply now, also do n上海龙凤自荐区ot know which relevant leader can be responded to.

According to media coverage, the person that should hurt expresses to media, the act that him do sth without authorization opens a window is really incorrect, but square to garden manner and garden area are right the tourist's safeguard, he is dissatisfactory. He discloses t上海千花网坊o media, the staff member knows 上海千花网论坛garden area only blame him, when occurrence accident circumstance, garden area cannot provide a help for a short while.

In recent years, tourist of wild animal garden violates compas上海品茶论坛ses incident to happen time and again. This year on July 22, come in horse of world of the 8 wild animal that amount to mountain inside Xiong Yuan, because feed,the netizen takes downstream settle or live in a strange place rebuke and be gathered up by bear the video of car window; Same day, area of northeastern tiger garden, two children relapse for many times smell car scuttle, among them a child showed half body almost.

A few precepts that violated compasses incident上海龙凤自荐区 to still cause blood, cause intense attention of the society. For example, on July 23, 2016, worlds of 8 the wild animal that amount to mountain produce a tiger to hurt person incident, send hurt to death.

Be like again, this year the beginning of the year, inside zoo of Er of elegant dagger of Zhejiang peaceful wave, a man crosses enclosure to enter mobile area of Hu Shan, after be being discovered by the tiger, bite dead.

Original title: The 8 zoos that amount to mountain expose to the sun again the tourist opens a window to bi[......]


Typhoon " Tian贵族宝贝上海论坛 Ge " will raid a上海外菜会所tmosphere bureau to promote atmosphere calamity lash-up to answer for 2 class

In report will occupy new network on August 23 message of atmosphere bureau website, typhonic Tian Ge will raid, central observatory 23 days 6 when release typhonic red early-warning, chinese atmosphere bureau 23 days 8 when promote significant meteorological phenomena 30 minutes calamity (typhoon) 3 class lash-up is answered for 2 class.

Lash-up of national scene bureau does, the department that decrease calamity, forecast department, observation department, newspaper office o上海后花园419f center of popular science of service center of courtyard of division of atmosphere center, climate center, satellite center, information center, exploration center, public service center, gas, office, conduct propaganda, weather enters 2 class lash-up to answer condition instantly. Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Hainan, Yunnan and the province that上海贵族宝贝sh1314 suffer an effect possibly (area) atmosphere bureau is sentenced according to grinding actually maintain or adjust corresponding lash-up to answer condition.

Central observatory 23 days 6 when release typhonic red early-warning to be as follows: The center with columbine this year day of the 13rd typhoon today (on August 23) was located in Guangdong to visit Zhuhai town at 5 o'clock in the morning east slant southern the Nanhai north to about 200 kilometers is offshore on, it is north latitude 21.3 degrees, the east longitude 115.2 degrees, the biggest wind-force has 13 class near the center (40 meters / second) , central lowest atmospheric pressure is 955 100 ha上海贵族宝贝论坛ndkerchief, force 7 wind encircles radius 220-280 kilometer, whole gale encircles radius 60-80 kilometer, force 12 wind encircles radius 40 kilometers.

Predict, tian Ge general with horary the rate that 25 kilometers influence to slant on the west boreal direction is mo上海千花网论坛bile, intensity continues to strengthen, will be in Guangdong Zhuhai to be taken to Yang Jiang after 23 meridian ante meridiem land littoral (40-48 rice / second, 13-15 class, typhonic class or) of strong typhoon class, after landing, continue to slant dire上海千花网论坛ction moves on the west, intensity wear off, churchyard of will immigrant 23 days night Guangxi (30-33 rice / second, 11-12 class, class of strong tropical storm or typhonic cla上海贵上海大龙凤族宝贝论坛ss) .

Original title: Typhoon " Tian Ge " will raid atmosphere bureau to promote atmosphere calamity lash-up to answer edit for 2 class responsibility: Zheng Lili[......]


River door weather forecast a week: River door releases Tian Ge of defence of 千花坊约会归来typhonic体验上海黑玫瑰 red early-warning

Observatory of river retail sales on August 23 10 when issue signal of typhonic red early-warning 20 minutes, notice defence please.

Defence guideline:

1. government and relevant section had been done according to duty defend typhonic lash-up and work of rush to deal with an emergency;

2. halts assembly, suspend class, stop business (outside dividing special industry) ;

3. answers harbor lee shipping should inspect a circumstance to take positive step, appropriate arrangement personnel stays behind or transfer refuge;

4. consolidate perhaps is demolished easy the content that be built by what wind puffs, personnel ought to need the place in windbreak safety, when typhonic center is passed wind- driven meeting reduces quiet perhaps period of time, be sure to keep in mind blast to will be blown suddenly piece, ought to continue to stay in safe place to take shelter from the wind, dangerous house personnel is transferred in time;

The area ought to notice to be on guard related 5. the mountain torrents that strong precipitation may cause, geological calamity.

River door weather

In door of new network river on August 23 report (Guo Jun Zheng Xiang) forecast according to atmosphere, hydrology, marine branch, future inside 24 hours, tian Ge of the 13rd typhoon will bring blast, strong rainfall and storm tide this year, will cause serious effect to river retail sales. Reporter from river door 23 days maritime bureau learns, that day morning 9 when, this bureau basis " prevent intertropical cyclone meet an emergency beforehand case " , start beforehand case one class is answered, enter in the round defend a highest guard position.

Maritime branch already informed river a hanger-on of an aristocrat of carry to ha上海千花网论坛rbor avoids stage shipping is strengthened be on duty Zheng Xiang is photog上海千花网论坛raphed

Tian Ge was located in Guangdong to save direction of Zhuhai city southeast to make an appointment with the offing of 95 kilometers to go up at 9 o'clock 23 days morning, central position the east longitude 114.3 degrees, north latitude 21.7 degrees, near the center the biggest wind-force 14 class (45 meters / second) , the center is baric 945 100 handkerchief.

Passenger ship of high speed of partial plain island enters town bay to take shelter from the wind Zheng Xiang is photographed

B上海油压店攻略asis " prevent intertro上海花千坊419pical cyclone meet an emergency beforehand case " , at present maritime branch is checking river door shipping of key water area, key is strengthened check and supervise and urge the job, everybody of requirement ship company, shipping, captain fulfils responsibility of the main body that defend a stand, as soon as possible chooses to avoid geomantic region is mixed take shelter from the wind berth. The key fulfils passenger ship of plain island high speed, wide bay to write sea project shipping, platform cargo ship of island of big collier of power plant of hill of boat of construction of dredge of channel of Shan Zhenhai bay, stage, land[......]


Feng Zhili holds the post of the China Disciplinary Commission to be stat上海外菜会所ioned in photograph of resume of group leader of gro魔都新茶论坛up of be careful in one's conduct of record of ministry of land natural resources

Beijing of network of Chinese Communist news on August 23 report (reporter Yao Qian) recently, the window column that website of ministry of land natural resources leads is newer, indication Feng Zhili already held the post of me上海花千坊1314mber of leading Party group of department of land natural resources in July 2017, the China Disciplinary Commission is stationed in group leader of group of be careful in one's conduct of record of ministry of land natural resources. Resume shows,

Resume of Comrade Feng Zhili

Male, the Han nationality, unripe in December 1962, zhejiang carry on starts a person, joined a Chinese Communist in December 1982, had a job in August 1983, politics of institute of lukewarm state normal school teachs professional finish school, record of formal schooling of three-year institution of higher learning.

Politics of division of politics of schools of normal school of 1980.09--1983.08 lukewarm state teachs major study

Luck of 1983.08--1986.09 Zhejiang province brings training school teacher, group appoint secretary, instruct committee membe上海后花园论坛Powered By 上海419shlfr of general Party branch of department vice director, school

The member that Zhejiang of 1986.09--1992.12 the Youth League saves vice secretary of lukewarm state municipal Party committee, leading Party group to become (1990.12- - 1992.03 hang duty to hold the position of Zhejiang to save luck to bring district of city lake mountain appoint vice secretary, warden)

Zhejiang of 1992.12--1995.01 the Youth League saves secretary of secretary of 上海龙凤1314l上海千花女生自荐ukewarm state municipal Party committee, leading Party group

Vice secretary of county Party committee of head of hole of 1995.01--1997.08 Zhejiang province (1997.04- - cadre of the youth in Party school of 1997.07 Zhejiang provincial Party committee grooms a study)

1997.08--1998.10 Zhejiang saves vice secretary of hole head county Party committee, head of a county

(1996.08- - 1998.08 in major of Fudan University administration class of attend in a advanced studies of graduate student course le上海贵族宝贝论坛arns)

1998.10--1999.11 Zhejiang saves secretary of hole head county Party committee, head of a county

1999.11--2001.06 Zhejiang saves secretary of hole head county Party committee

2001.06--2001.10 Zhejiang saves secretary of county Party committee of head of deputy mayor of lukewarm 上海千花网论坛state city, hole

2001.10--2007.01 Zhejiang saves deputy mayor of lukewarm state city (2002.11- - class of attend in a advanced studies of cadre of leader of Party school of 2002.12 Zhejiang provincial Party committee learns)

2007.01--2011.03 Zhejiang is saved fine begin members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, period appoint secretary (2008.03- - attend in a advanced studies of cadre of leader of Party school of 2008.04 Zhejiang provincial Party committee learns one class)

2011.03--2011.07 Zhejiang is saved fine begin vice secretary of municipal Party committee, period appoint secretary

2011.07--2012.08 Zhejiang is s[......]


上海千花网论坛Beijing f上海贵人千花网erry look forward to and superintend and director of circumjacent environmental protection check: 16 enterprises put issue of condition of experience compression ring

In report will occupy new network on August 24 message of website of environmental protection ministry, on August 22, 6 superintend and director of advance of the ferry that be stationed in Beijing are checked group check 69 companies in all (unit) , discover problem of situation of compression ring of experience of 16 businesses presence.

In the enterprise of existence problem, belong to 1 when exceed mark to discharge, did not install pollution to administer 8 of establishment, treat corrupt 3 when establishment moves out of order, volatile organic matter (4 of VOCs) processing problem.

8 superintend and director that are stationed in Heibei province are checked group sink to 9 counties () of area, city, right " 1+18 " 437 of 14 tasks in special program particular jobs nodded an in finished state to undertake the spot is checked, discover 7 among them tasks 48 select an existence issue.

7 superintend and director that ar上海千花网论坛Powered By 上海龙凤419贵族宝贝e stationed in Henan province are checked group sink to 8 counties () of area, city, right " 3 effect a permanent cures 3 take temporary solution " 357 of 58 tasks in plan particular jobs nodded an in finished state to undertake the spot is checked, discovery among them of 10 tasks select an existence issue 30 times.

On August 23, look forward to of ferry of the 6th period Beijing and superintend and director of aggrandizement of prevention and cure of circumjacent area air pollution check class of Training Within Industry to save Shijiazhuang city to hold in Heibei.

According to the air pollution of 4 many months superintend and director of aggrandizement of prevention and cure checks working experience, according to " Beijing ferry look forward to and Nian Qiudong of circumjacent area 2017-2018 air pollution administers 上海千花网论坛season integratedly program of action of assault fortified positions " requirement, superintend and director of air pollution aggrandizement checks Qiu Dong season to will adjust mainly for上海花千坊爱上海:

It is business of trustworthy firm industry, " messy corrupt " integrated punish achievement serves as enterprise and group stand fast position, increase industrial source superintend and director to check continuously, include dirt of industrial business raise to administer circumstance, industry to the enterpris上海龙凤419论坛Powered By 上海贵族宝贝龙凤e falls into disuse and remove circumstance, volatile organic matter (case of Yang上海千花网论坛 Chen government, gas station rectifies and reform buildi苏州4197龙凤论坛ng site of VOCs) processing circumstance, construction business of circumstance, industry amounts to mark to discharge wait for processing circumstance, " dispersedly corrupt " enterprise and group are integrated punish;

2 be press coal to decrease a platoon, carry mark to上海龙凤后花园 transform as main attack direction, strengthen coal fired canal to accuse superintend and director to check, include to pannikin furnace falls into disuse and transform circumstance, cleanness to warm oneself reach coal f[......]


Hunan reminds public vigilance 6 kinds of forms 上海花千坊1314pass annul: With in上海贵族宝贝sh1314vite applications for a job, talk about the nominal coax such as the friend

Reporter from Hunan Province industrial and commercial bureau understands, hunan Province blow was passed recently sell office of working joint meeting to rel上海外菜会所ease " about be on guard of all kinds express the safe caution that spends illegal act " , remind public vigilance of 6 kinds of forms pass sell to be, do not participate in pass annul, do not sell to pass offer a condition, discovery is passed annul inform against in time.

Of 6 kinds of forms conduct be on sale to include:

Work with invite applications for a job, introduction, talk about friend, country to give aid to, the name such as national project, new-style project, or through concoctive speak with ill-natured leader, give lessons with be being centered face-to-face " brainwashing " means, with " fortune, dream, honorable, successful " wait for a term revulsive other participates in;

It is龙凤419贵族宝贝 with alleged and legal firm covering, the cover of high-tech of上海黑玫瑰 make use of, new product, with form of house of inn of sale of brand shop, chain, concept, experience, contributive buy area to join in the right of business, join in through developing business joins in by layer class collection cost attracts other to participate in;

Release with the Internet, agency such as the press " consumption returns profit " " free mutual benefit " " shop freely " " circular consumption " " network capital is run " wait for cruel rich information, the other that entice participates in;

Introduce with identity of relative, friend, fellow villager " new-style sale " , " brand-new become rich academic " , " network sale " , " sell continuously legally " , " consumption is allied " , " network times add " , " join in chain " wait for information, the organization is alleged " successful " personage advise others by using one's own experience or action chamber of commerce, recommend meeting, free travel to giv上海花千坊爱上海e a souvenir to wait for mobile coax other to participate in;

It is platform with website and website of electronic business affairs, use the means such as small letter, small business, hitting appear on the market financing, buy primitive name, do one's utmost beautification company image, advertise expect earnings, had shared the false information such as the full name of personnel, outstanding achievement, award, share out bonus through revealing, exciting other joins;

With " love helps each other " " char上海贵族宝贝论坛ity 上海千花网论坛helps each other " " love aids financially impoverished student " " consumptive provide for the aged " etc for cover, redound of acceptance high specified number will attract investment or buy relevant product, encourage what expand a membership and give award.

Safe caution points out, every is participated in pass selling an activity is illegal behavior, all want to assume corresponding legal responsibility lawfully. Sell an activity to provide management room to pass, groom of the convenience condition such as place, supply of goods, custodial, storage, all[......]