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The amnesty international that always gesticulates to state of Chinese human rights organizes 22 days of hair to express a report, censure what China makes to be used at repressive tool and instruments of torture to be being exported in great quantities, abet the activity that Asia and African area encroach human rights. Apparent to this kind logic censures confusedly, assistant dean of politics of Chinese medium university and legal college Professor Wang Sixin is accepted 23 days " round-the-world times " when the reporter is interviewed, express, one country the government is accountability safeguard countryman human rights. The west the reason of the issue of human rights of a few states that a few media and orgnaization hold his ascribes to the device that its use, criticize the production country of these equipment from this, such confuse right and wrong, more the purpose that shows these wests are organized is not safeguard human rights, is to lend this attack China only.

BBC (BBC)23 daily way says, should report by amnesty international and the Europe rice that are located in England eggplant is studied joint investigation finishs foundation, the problem is Chinese penalty and oppressive tool commerce. The report says, at present company of more than 130 China participates in those who have potential risk to execute the law the production of equipment and commerce, and in the 10 many China year

ago this kind of company has 28 only. The report still censures China to executing the law equipment exports control lax case, lack is transparent, and the human rights state that entrance country takes no account of when China is exporting these equipment. The report returns quote amnesty international to organize a researcher Weierken's word says, more and more China companies gain profit from inside commerce of instruments of torture, thereby abet a lot of world places encroach human rights. This report says, high-pressured report billy, anklet, darby is extremely cruel instruments of torture, china should prohibit produce and be being exported immediately.

Professor Wang Sixin expresses 23 days, western media is used to the problem with a certain domain technically to be foundation, draw a forced analogy with a few orgnaizations a few with China not relevant not direct perhaps pertinent question forces China. Face situation of a few great international when China especially when, before for instance China held the Olympic Games 2008, the n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine in a few orgnaizations and media Ceng Ji crosses the west this kinds of a lot of reports.

Wang Sixin says, alarm the demand that the use that uses weapon is each country government and convention of orgnaization of constabulary security personnel, neither one country or orgnaization of constabulary security personnel do not need, it is country of Asia, Africa not only need uses these alarm instrument and facilities come police and normal social order, itself of western state government also uses these to suppress demonstrate activity in great quantities. This kind alarm the imports and exports of instrument is normal market action, cannot entrance country a few problems of home ascribe to some kind of product that it imports. After all these alarm instrument is a kind of object

ive existence only, itself does not have any fault. In addition, if the logic according to this report, the biggest exporter of the tool weapon that is used at the war on the United States or world, it should be censured more.

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Dispatch: Network of Chinese earthquake station determines formally, on

November 17 17 when be in 04 minutes Sikeshe the sea
(south latitude 60.3 degrees, west longitude 46.4 degrees) produce 7.8 class earthquake, focus deepness 10 kilometre.

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iniqiefu says Russia network inspector, russian government may remove taboo IPhone and IPad from 2015, this ascribes to the ICloud service of malic product stores user data in the United States, disobeyed Russian next year first be about to the law of become effective.

According to Russia " Muscovite the Youth League member newspaper " will report on October 13, the individual data that has Russia citizen from January 1, 2015 can store only churchyard is in Russia, and some earlier moment people thinks this one regulation will have go into effect from September 2016. The ICloud service of malic product does not accord with this one regulation, it on the special server that the whole world the information of every user travels the United States. Russia can prohibit probably at the appointed time sale IPhone and IPad.

Maliniqiefu thinks, be not all companies to be able to be in next year before January 1 seasonable ready-made, accordingly they will get the limitation of new code. Pink of hapless not only fruit people, suffer an effect still have other website, include a face book and turn website of special grade socialization, video website and store of a few nets.


ry bureau of Russia communication, IT and masses medium is some earlier the facial book that moment informed the United States of, Gmail and push special: The organizer that they transmit as information must be registered in Russia register. Mu gram Xian Zunfu says mark of this bureau deputy director general on the west: We issue an announcement to them, ask its abide by law. They are talking things over each other, communicate with California law section. We also are consulting with them.

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The expert says civilization of avowed and successive China holds Japan bright after dying, watch without history of an ancient name for China... [阅读全文] 栏目:上海千花网论坛


Philippine one rolls outfit ferry to sink 144 people are rescued two people die... [阅读全文] 栏目:武汉桑拿夜网KJ


Aobama " curtilage " water ice takes in Hawaiian dive low-key greet New Year... [阅读全文] 栏目:上海419龙凤验证归来


Philippine assault many survival one year by the typhoon still stay tent

Exceed strong typhoon salangane assault is Philippine had gone near one year, the job rebuilds to make progress in a few heavy disaster area after calamity slow, many victims still are in the stay in be being built temporarily, cause the dissatisfaction of a few people to the government. Presidential Beininiaoajinuo sansei defends 7 days, oneself are likewise anxious, rebuild nevertheless need time.

Last year on November 8, salangane assault is Philippine, cause 7350 people to die or be missing, millions person become destitute and homeless. After nearly one year, tens of thousands of survival still lives in the dangerous area of governmental incorporate into administrative areas, stay at tent, pallet hut with etc temporarily in shelter. These district future may be assaulted again by storm.

Afp report, although many victims still live in danger, the building of Philippine government rebuilds the job just just began. Last week, phenanthrene government is through an amount 160 billion than all alone (add up to 3.6 billion dollar about) comprehensive plan rebuilds after calamity. This one plan passes the evening of time, rangajinuo is criticized not less.

Although the building rebuild

s the job is slow, but a few important infrastructure of major stricken be hit by a natural adversity area and service had restored stage by stage. Associated press report, the area that gets salangane assault for the most part has restored the life to be supplied with water and the sources of energy, communication serves co
urse of study to had restored. Additional, before comprehensive program is passed, of the important infrastructure such as road, bridge and hospital rebuild the job has begun. Below the help that helps an organization in a few main international, philippine government develops vaccinal and vaccinal project, millions children is benefited accordingly. Additional, the government still supplies paddy seed to a few farmers. If aid of a few international organizes cite, A Jinuo says, make photograph comparing with the extensive go back to work after Indonesia encountered seismic sea wave makes a surprise attack 2004, rebuild Philippinely rate is rapidder. (Beijing youth signs up for)

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China is stationed in case of arson of san Francisco consulate general

Beautiful police already arrested experience case suspect

The net austral Fujian dispatch signed up for a net 4 days to report according to American live abroad on January 5, china is stationed in the suspect of an experience case with only case of arson of san Francisco consulate general to had been seized. The FBI will hold a press conference at 6 days, announce the newest progress of the case. Late on Januar

y 1 local time, china is stationed in san Francisco to always get a house to meet with a suit portion is unidentified gangster arson, cause always get house entrance door to be marred badly, without personal casualty.

Beautiful bright hold a news briefing to announce case new progress

China is stationed in san Francisco to always get Yuan Na of house consul general to g

ive birth to the exposure when attending the medium of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day that always gets a house to hold to serve the evening party late 3 days, receive American diplomacy security bureau to inform, late on January 1 in cold blood arson burns the suspect that san Francisco always gets house front door already was seized by police. The survival austral Yuan expresses, after arson incident happens, bey the official of California state seat of government such as Braun all is called to him express to express sympathy and solicitude for.

Security bureau of diplomacy of American the State Council discloses 3 days late local time, current, arson case has suspect of an experience case only, the identity that concerns this suspect, commit the crime the detail such as motive did not disclose. The FBI will hold a press conference at 6 days, announce the newest progress of the case.

Police 24 hours

Protection always gets a house

American the State Council expresses 3 days, during China is stationed in san Francisco to always get a house to investigate arson by one case, san Francisco police can undertake to always getting a house uninterrupted safety is protected 24 hours.

Occupy CCTV 4 days to report, an eyewitness of arson spot says: "Red light is waiting when I see, the stone lion of doorway of prep above of igneous situation ability and sagacity, situation of the fire when green light arrives with respect to leap up fast on two buildings, footpath. Sit heat also can feel in the car. Sit heat also can feel in the car..

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Login register news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian does text flower man give birth to 15 children to be weighed with 13 cummer " responsible least of all father " origin: ? Salary  ?2011-08-09 17:36 Http://

Look from the appearance, jiemi Cumming appears and do not have particularly conspicuous glamour, but he lets many cummer be delivered of 15 children to him howe


British man Jiemi Cumming by " daily Post " call " the father that England bears the blame least of all " , from 17 years old the truck after at first passes the 13 cummer, unemployed man that bore 14 children this to want to become again nowadays dad, year only the 13rd cummer of 19 years old is about to be delivered of the 15th child for him.

Outstanding rice is called " the most irresponsible father " , because,be not only his excessive affection, because he never pays to any children,also cross solatium. The chop and change to the son also, behavior that is without responsibility heart feels the maternal Luo Lan that connects him ashamed. She ever entreated outstanding rice not to continue to bear again for many times, want to learn to assume father's responsibility however, seek the job with portion steady income, well provide for children.

"I love outstanding rice, I also love each my grandchildren, granddaughter, but he (outstanding rice) should stop where it should stop. He should seek a job, pay the living cost of children, is not to let the mother of children apply for alms, " ground of Luo Lan with bitter hatred says.

It is reported, outstanding rice ever had done a lot of portion works, for instance bar service is born to wait with bodyguard, but working without is long, at present he did not work.

Outstanding rice is in year only 17 years old when tell parents he wants to become father for the first time, triumphant Li is in cummer of his the first to be appointed to an office to was him in Feburary 1995 absurd next girl. Just when people thinks this is met to sweethearts when Feng Zicheng marriage, outstanding rice begins association of He Kaili that express elder sister however, the amative relation of two people maintained 10 years. During this, outstanding rice and another feminine son were born 1997. When this son is born, outstanding rice is done with the friend of elder sister of triumphant Li watch again was in one case, that girl also was pregnant.

Be in next these in year, outstanding rice was delivered of 14 children with many cummer early or late. These Luo Lan and her grandchildren, granddaughter is maintaining fixed connection, often also meet with grandfather mother of the child, but because her son auxes would rather beautiful big money gives oneself and new cummer,buy a gift, also not be willing to pay the living cost of children, luo Lan censures in what face alien when always feel special awkwardness.

The predecessor cummer of outstanding rice is not willing to publish a comment to him, also somebody is willing to mention to interact with his far from. A his before Baola Laien expresses cummer: "Outstanding rice is a special romance and attractive man. I and he hands in past not to know he is returned at the same time and other woman has implication, I know he has had two children only. Be pregnant after 5 months, others just tells me to concern him ' achievement ' . He has paid the living cost of a minute of money to the son that also did not give us now. " (origin: China Daily net believes lotus)

Responsibility edits: Read related Hdwmn_ctt: The children since domestic head rides by the 2017-09-15 that shares case of claim for compensation of bicycle death tort to the Party Central Committee that sessional now 2017-09-15 is core with Comrade Xi Jinping leads and drive fact of Jiang Junxing military discipline weather forecast of the observatory central: South greets another name for Hubei province of Guizhou of stronger rainfall change
to have go to Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of recreation of rainstorm 2017-09-18 news greatly Xiamen

Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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