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According to Japan " read sell news " will report on September 27, primary problem: " haven of sri lanka of Chinese submarine berth " , the report says, sri lanka eve is visited in Xi Jinping of Chinese state chairman, submarine of a China was in to 14 days of berth from September 7 harbor of slope of division human relations. This one tendercy explains, china builds port in the aid of state of the indian ocean such as sri lanka, future turns into his the strategy of naval port is already incorporate.

Intermediary says outside, disclose according to personage of many sri lanka army, the sri lanka division that Ceng Ting of the middle ten days of a month on September relies on Chinese naval submarine to be built by this state aid harbor of human relations slope. This is Chinese submarine first haven of berth sri lanka.

Allegedly, china still plans to will be mixed in October in November, let family of naval ships berth again harbor of human relations slope. Geng Yan of spokesman of news of Chinese department of defense is born on routine press conference of 25 days to express, submarine relies on harbor provision rest and reorganization, it is each country naval current practice.

Website of institute of policy of international of Yi of Australian the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces will publish a problem to be on September 26 " the travel of the sri lanka of Chinese submarine involves a rescuing issue " the report says, some earlier in September moment, berth of submarine of class of a the Song Dynasty of Chinese sri lanka division harbor of human relations slope. Visit is Chinese navy visits haven of one place foreign country rarely. Clearly, this visit and Chinese nuclear-powered submarine are in at the beginning of this year of the indian ocean patrol the action caused people to enlarge the sphere of influence, heat that increases oneself capacity to discuss to Chinese navy.

Nevertheless, these two incident show China wishs to be in submarine deploy of purpose not just span far the place of chain of the first island, and a problem that revealed Chinese navy to must answer when expanding force of La Shui naval ships: Aid rescues them to submarine fact when if where,producing an accident.

25 days, geng Yan of spokesman of Chinese department of defense is unripe confirm say, this submarine is temporary berth division harbor of human relations slope, it is to join inferior the Chinese naval convoy that turns over pirate task is carried out to form into columns near maritime space of Ding Wan, Somalia.

Before this early submarine is carried out to turn over pirate task to the indian ocean by the clique, although commander of he

adquarters of U.S. Army Pacific Ocean thinks dimensions of Chinese submarine army is giant, progressing
ceaselessly, but Chinese commander is not familiar to long-range action. This visit activity can say to act as the daring vanguard that Chinese groovy submarine develops.

If become normal state,Chinese submarine shows a variety of the eastpart part of body the indian ocean, behaviour that stand by Ma Liujia channel, with respect to meeting change our region multilateral naval strategy thinks.


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 上海花千坊1314Login register station of Chinese of Japan of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to dash ahead without thinking one's safety does deliverance fall course person win year: of origin of municipal credit praise? ?2014-10-06 11:4 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

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rk on October 6 Japan " Chinese gazette " report, in day Chinese Fu Hongfei will be in last year in December east dash ahead without thinking his safety with city station greatly deliverance falls course person, his aid danger helps difficult a righteous act undertaken for the public good up to win the praise of Japanese society, left the people the sensation of for a long time. On October 4, year was issued to Fu Hongfei with city greatly east municipal credit praise, show respect to his behavior.

Mix greatly east Qi of city mayor end defends a husband (left) , Qi of parliamentary speaker end believes a husband (right) with Fu Hongfei.

Same encourage wears Fu Hongfei's achievement in day Chinese. On September 27, on the National Day cocktail party that holds in federation of Chinese of complete Japan overseas Chinese, an Xiangfu Hong Fei issued chairman colour to commend shape, thank him to be the contribution that promotion Chinese figure makes.

Last year on December 22, xi Wuxin old line east produce passenger accident one case to drop with city station greatly the incident of next rail, the full name did not stay to leave by the car after Fu Hongfei helps a person. After incident happening, the capital of a country arrange of fire control of much Mosaicer ministry searchs north east the person that help a person, be in station paste advertisement, dan Fuhong flies to never pass alertly.

Till new year's day during, when Fu Hongfei's wife and friend prattle, mention the issue that the husband helps a person, this friend sees the notice that searchs the person that help a person in the station, persuade Fu Hongfei to appear thereby, admit to help a person.

Fu Hongfei thinks at first, place of the manage that help a person ought to, it is almsdeed, not was necessary to leave behind a good reputation, be in nevertheless of the friend persuade below, fu Hongfei is opposite to change Japanese the Chinese's impression, decide after the thing separates a month the station comes out. North of hall of Tokyo fire control is much Mosaicer this year in January arrange of ministry fire control awards acknowledgment account to Fu Hongfei, subsequently his achievement is paid close attention to by media.

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