The person that Jap上海后花园论坛anese NHK newsreel uncovers 731 army violence to kiss all previous offers夜上海论坛 detail of experiment of the body that narrate work

Come for years, the aggressive crime of 731 army is made public 上海千花网论坛to admit with refusing for historical data by Japanese government all the time. Be in however August 13, namely before two days when Japan announces a surrender at discretion 72 years, japanese NHK TV station broadcasted however first phase contains the special subject that reviews implication piece, cry " the truth of 731 army " .

As we have learned, the to 731 army war criminal trial that this NHK has with Baluofusike is being breathed out in Russia serves as filmed basic material, include minister of surgeon of army of east of Shanhaiguan publicly first inside large quantities of one 731 unit members, concern those who be engaged in bacterial weapon studies and having test of vivid everybody body to admit one's guilt in those days recording, complete ground is reductive in those days how do 731 army make gas bomb, how to have the heinous crime of human body experiment.

In newsreel, a lot of former 731 unit member is in confession, the detail of your person bristle with anger in telling about the Japanese army to have biological weapon research and savage act of human body experiment in China.

The staff that shares an experiment says, they ever fell in extremely cold weather, blow suddenly to object of live body experiment with fan, produce a frostbite result bloodily artificially. The plain island Qing Dynasty of the first minister says Ceng Ren unit, this army ever had used bacterial weapon to Chinese arm[......]


The son is missing before oneself spreads out place of the uncle that compile a list places booth to wait to be missin上海龙凤419论坛g son 31 end of t上海千华纺he year oneiromancy

Waited 31 years, miraculous happening.

In June 1987, han Feng year only son young gentleman of 6 years old compiles a list in oneself be missing before booth, doubt is like by abduct. After that two years, han Feng looks for adjacent area county, far go to Liaoning, Shaanxi, son 上海各区gm资源汇总推荐still phonic message is devoid. Later, han Feng is awaiting in the booth that compile a list all the time, day after day year answer a year, went out by bike at 7 o'clock in the morning, to leave home the booth compiling a list outside 11 kilometers, waiting for a son to come back.

31 years past, young gentleman becomes Zhang Yi, grown get married, had two lovely daughters. See unripe father suffers from the report that waits for his all the time, his hesitation for a long time, decide the wife on the belt and unripe father meet finally.

On January 6 morning, pa! The son came back! Zhang Yi and Han peak photograph are embraced and sob.

31 years, this one embraced Han Feng to wait 31 years.

31 years, zhang Yi thinks repeatedly, decide not negative unripe father does not lose foster father, want an end-all.

Father and son the reunion after 31 years

31 years father and son embraces be separated from and lose touch with each other again eventually

Much at 8 o'clock in the morning on January 6, inside village of new and h上海贵族宝贝sh1314igh Ou Mou of continous in relief city, han Feng clears away good thing, preparation heads for the booth compiling a list outside 11 kilometers, begin one da[......]


Already 7 typhoons la上海品茶论坛nd our country this year relatively s上海千花网论坛lant on average all the year round 1.7 many

According to central observatory statistic, the typhoon makes an amount since this year relatively slant all the year round much, and land our country also slant much, predict the last ten-day of a month will have 1 possibly still to be generated to 2 typhoons in September.

In Chinese atmosphere bureau yesterday (15 days) those who hold is straight attack chatting activity of weather and scientist to go up, typhonic expe上海千花网论坛rt Zhang Ling introduces, since this year, northwest Pacific Ocean and Nanhai have 19 typhoons to generate, slant than historical the corresponding period 2.8 many. This among them, landing a number of our country also is to slant much, 7 typhoons land our country, than all the year round average 1.7 many.

Central observatory is presiding forecast Yuan Zhangling: Subtropic high pressure, appear to slant apparently on the west, next its stability, intensity is very strong, special be helpful for be in what Pacific Ocean and Nanhai area have typhonic activity on the west to generate, say so this year typhoon number slants quite much. Make the word of the ground, basically center in Nanhai g上海千花网论坛uest of He Fei law adds coastal waters region, leaving our mainland is closer, the scale that lands in our country also is taller.

Generate time to land area concentration centrally

According to introducing, in 7 typhoons that land our country this year, 5 land Guangdong, than all the year round the typhonic amount that annual lands Guangdong slants much nearly double, la[......]


Photograph of da上海千花网论坛Powered By 上海龙凤419贵族宝贝ta of Chen Shaorong resume holds the post of mayor of deputy mayor of cupreous bene上海后花园volence city, representative

Chen Shaorong is deputy mayor of government of people of cupreous benevolence city, acting copper job of mayor of government of benevolence city people.

Resume of Comrade Chen Shaorong:

Chen Shaorong, male, unripe in November 1966, na Yong of native place Guizhou, the person that wear blueness, had a job in July 1987, joined a Chinese Communist in December 1994, university record of formal schooling, labour learns bachelor, senior engineer. Currently hold the post ofGuizhou Province mayor 上海千花网论坛of secretary of leading Party group of vice secretary of cupreous benevolence municipal Party committee, municipal government, deputy mayor, representative.

Project of mining of 1983.09--1987.07 Chongqing university fastens mining project major to learn

Driving of colliery of channel of Mu Chong of Bureau of Mines of city of 1987.07--1988.01 Guizhou Province water technician of one division learn on job

Colliery of channel of Mu Chong of Bureau of Mines of city of 1988.01--1989.05 Guizhou Province water is ventilated engineer of technician of work area learn on job, assistant

Group leader of driving of colliery of channel of Mu Chong of Bureau of Mines of city of 1989.05--1992.03 Guizhou Province water

Deputy section chief of division of technology of colliery of channel of Mu Chong of Bureau of Mines of city of 1992.03--1993.05 Guizhou Province water (1993.04 judge for the engineer)

Section chief of division of technology of colliery of channel o龙凤交友419f Mu Chong of Bureau of Mines of ci[......]


Even more Pakistan of assault of armed element of class of 100 towers benefit installs check to stand 18 people are dead

Occupy dispatches from foreign news agency to report, local time before 9 days of before dawn, armed element of tower benefit class assaulted Pakistan tribe area a safe checkpoint, cause 8 soldiers to die, respect of tower benefit class also has least 10 people die.

Even more armed element of class of benefit of many 100 tower carried the other weapon such as rocket emitter to assault this seat Yunawaqilisitan's checkpoint, fight with what defend a soldier lasted at least 3 hours.

Bai Sha covers with tiles official of a security says: "8 soldiers die in fight, 10 people are injur上海千花网论坛ed. Armed element of class of benefit of at least 10 towers is beaten dead by us. Armed element of class of benefit o上海千花网论坛f at least 10 towers is beaten dead by us..

Responsibility edits: Hdwmn_cbk[......]


Cloth of test-fire of success of new-style strategy nuclear-powered submarine pulls Russia missile of made of baked clay intercontinental

Electric Russia department of defense will confirm Moscow of China News Service 28 days on June 28 say, nuclear-powered submarine of strategy of Russian navy new generation " Youliduoergeluji " date is successful that day test-fire " Bulawa " intercontinental goes projectile path missile. This is this submarine has trial fire first, also be " Bulawa " missile the 15th test-fire.

Kenashenkefu of spokesman of news of Russian department of defense expresses, "Youliduoergeluji " date strategy nuclear-powered submarine was in that day Bai Haishui region from underwater test-fire " Bulawa " intercontinental is ballistic missile, all parameter show blast off gain a success. Missile war ministry is in book time to reach the established area that is located in reconnaissance of area of Russian far east to add peninsula library to draw shooting range.

This is " Youliduoergeluji " dat上海千花网论坛e has trial fire first " Bulawa " intercontinental missile, also be Russian navy this year first test-fire " Bulawa " . Be in before this " Demitelidusikeyi " in 14 trial fire that date strategy nuclear-powered submar上海千花网论坛ine has early or late, only in part is considered as to succeed.

Although " Bulawa " missile for many times test-fire fails, and the government ascribes his to production blemish, dan Ejun just insists to be able to be replaced without any missile " Bulawa " , assure to will continue test-fire missile, join navy to enlist in army till it. Russian department of defense ever expressed, russia[......]


Qatar makes cloud of remote control man-made

N Peng Guowen is picked from " Shenyang daily "

To easy match environment is built during the world cup was held 2022, the organize上海千花网论坛r of Qatar adopted a series of new way to answer the sunshine with hot broil, help player and audience spare the suffering that burning sun insolates. Sorching summer is worth during the world cup was held 2022, they plan to use sunshine of keep out of cloud of remote control man-made, drop in temperature for stadium and heat of training field disappear.

Qatar is located in middle east area, summertime temperature is extremely high, caused people to be opposite of environment of world cup match anxiou上海千花网论坛s, somebody ever suggested to will hold time to change winter.

Qatar official states they will be built have drop in temperature of the function " complete air conditioning " stadium. Now, the scientist of Qatar university designs man-made cloud again, every cost 310 thousand pound. Sawudeabuduergehani of Qatar university machinery and head of industrial project department is accepting a reporter to interview, man-made cloud will use light-duty carbon structure, use giant envelope, many helium breath is held inside. Engine of solar energy of 4 remote control will be in charge of mobile man-made cloud.

Responsibility edits: Iron plate is burned[......]


Aobama gives orders to examine American abroad experience in the round terroristic hostage incident

In report will occupy new network on November 18 outside intermediary reports 18 days, a correspondence that comes from American the Pentagon shows, american president Aobama already gave orders to this country the policy of respect of terroristic hostage incident undertakes overseas experience be examined in the round. 16 days, aobama just affirms hostage of an United States organizes Mohammedan country by the extreme behead. " " " detail: A上海千花网论坛obama confirms American pledges Kaxige meets with behead

The report says, tag according to this date for this month correspondence of 11 days, the subaltern of American d上海千花网论坛epartment of defense that is in charge of policy Womusi (Christine Wormuth) says, near future of abstruse Ba Ma gives orders the policy that to American government overseas experience fears hostage incident respect undertakes be checkupped in the round. She says, examine will emphasize at the policy such as data gathering and diplomatic general affairs.

Womusi says, in view of American overseas frequency kidnaps, and the menace that American respect identified place of specific terroristic group to cause, aobama made afore-mentioned checkup decide.

Before this, aobama confirms American qualitative Kaxige at 16 days (Peter Kassig) organizes behead extremely by Mohammedan country. Kaxige this year 26 years old, ever enlisted in army in army of American army special type, was attended a war toward Iraq by the clique 2007, was organized to seize extremely by Mohammedan cou[......]


Russia discovers rock of shape of the UFO 260 million years ago fastens production of period of 2 change period

Is logging onto rock of shape of the UFO before registering Russia of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to discover 260 million years: of source of production of period of 2 change period? ?2015-03-18 10:4 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http:// channel [summary] rock of this UFO shape hefts 200 kilograms, the diameter is made an appointment with 80 reach 85 centimeters, intermediate disc diameter is 35 centimeters.

In report will occupy new network on March 18 outside intermediary report, russia mining area discovers Kusibasi by January rock of an UFO shape. According to the analysis, this blazing rock has had 260 million years of histories. Because study the unit does not eliminate any possibility, russian and famous investigator will participate in the investigation of UFO cliff recently.

By this year January, one is in Russia Kusibasi colliery area drives when the staff member of navvy works, at underground 12 meters of dark places, discover an exterior is exactly like the rock of UFO. He adds up to oneself and this strange petrosal according to after uploading a network with film, cause the attention of Russian intermediary.

Russia discovers rock of shape of the UFO 260 million years ago, fasten production of period of 2 change period

Local time on March 11, this rock is come to overcome the museum of city of bend over of wheat the name of a river in Shaanxi and[......]


The person that accident of Korea heavy boat saves a person to get hurt applies for compensation to abortive commits suicide after refus by

Log onto the person that register accident of heavy boat of Korea of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to save a person to get hurt to apply for compensation to abortive origin: commits suicide after refus by?  tries know well?2015-03-20 18:5Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http:// channel [summary] 2014 Korea " the world exceeds number " heavy boat accident, jin Dongzhu (50 years old) the gentleman did not get compensatory.

K上海千花网论坛orea heavy boat saves a person to get hurt heroic application compensation meets with refus (webpage check scheme)

According to Han Lian the company will report on March 20, ever was in Korea world jumped over a heavy boat 2014 be ready to help others for a just cause in the accident, do all one can rescues the Jin Dongzhu that gets tired student (50 years old) the gentleman is after incident and did not receive due compensation, cause the life exceeding pinch. 19 days, golden gentleman mood is low attempt to commit suicide, body of the back of a person already did not have classics rescue to ailment greatly.

It is reported, golden gentleman is ready to help others for a just cause in the alive accident that exceed number, disregarded oneself safety to rescue tens of names to be given birth to by the high school of tired aboard, affectionately calls students be been rescued blue pants hero. Golden gentleman says, suffer the person that strand to rescue what the world exceeds number, on[......]