Chris Kaman's new reality show is as absurd as you would expect


NBA center Chris Kaman is an interesting guy. 

When he's not blocking shots or hauling in rebounds (Or falling asleep on the bench) he's living the life you would expect of a 7-foot-tall mountain man from Wyoming, Mich.: Shooting things, driving large vehicles, and causing mayhem with his friends.

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The ten-year veteran is the star of a new adventure-reality TV show titled "Exploring Kaman," and the trailer is as wacky and absurd as you would probably expect. 

Yup. That's 2010 NBA All-Star

Chris Kaman shooting old vehicles, eating a fish eyeball, hooking his friend with a giant fish hook and lighting another one of his friends on fire. 

But that's the Kaman we've come to expect.

"Do you know what Grandeur is?"


"It's awesome."

Source: The Friendly Bounce