Jason Coats exits debut after nasty outfield collision

null null Baseball null Welcome to the big leagues, Jason Coats.MORE: 13 greatest No. 1 Draft picks The outfielder was promoted into the Chicago White Sox starting

lineup Saturday, but he didn’t have quite the outing he was hoping for. Coats was hit by a pitch in his debut, but more severely, he had a hard collision with new teammate J.B. Shuck in the outfield. As Coats was going after a Miguel Cabrera fly ball in the bottom of the seventh, he collided with Shuck in left center. He somehow managed to hold on to the baseball, but Coats was clearly affected by the hit. He was woozy and had blood coming from his mouth after making the play. What a Team White Sox 👏👏👏 pic.twitter.com/4ySVuX4XvE— UTLEY GOAT (@AlexH1337) June 4, 2016The White Sox didn’t have an update on Coats’ health, but it’s expected to just be a minor incident.Schneider had Coats’ arm hooked as they were walking in from left-center. I’m guessing he’ll get a concussion test at this point.— Scott Merkin (@scottmerkin) June 4, 2016MORE: Baseball’s greatest brawls (with video!)The White Sox were down 4-2 to the Detroit Tigers after the seventh inning.