Kobe Bryant sets all-time missed field goal record


Kobe Bryant set the NBA record for most field-goal misses in regular-season games with career miss No, 13,418 on Tuesday night.

In classic Bryant fashion, it came on a turnaround on the baseline as the Lakers battled the Grizzlies in Memphis.

Bryant had already set the combined record for field-goal misses between playoffs and regular season last year, but this gave him the solitary regu

lar-season record.

The Lakers announcers tried to play it off, saying it was merely because Bryant had been in the league a long time and had the ball in his hands a lot. They’re not entirely wrong. Bryant has 18 years of experience in the NBA, but before the game against the Grizzlies he was shooting a measly 39.4 percent from the field.

You’ve got to shoot to score, and Bryant is fourth all -time in points. His goal this season is to pass Michael Jordan, who sits at 32,292. Bryant is just 433 points behind him.

Keep on shooting, Kobe.