Derrick Rose explains 'I can't breathe' shirt, support of Eric Garner


Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose, who warmed up in a shirt that read, “I can’t breathe,” spoke to reporters on Monday about his decision to show support for Eric Garner, a New York man whose last words have become a rallying cry at protests against police brutality.

Rose said he had the shirt made and decided to wear it on his own. Rose did admit that he might not have worn the shirt if he did not have a child of his own.

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A native of the Southside of Chicago, Rose is aware of police brutality, but he made sure to point out that he does not believe all policeman are bad people. Rather, he chose to focus in on recent instances of brutality that gained attention across the country.

Garner died in the streets of Staten Island after he was confronted for selling loose, untaxed cigarettes and placed in a chokehold by N

YPD officer Daniel Pantaleo. Garner’s death, which was caught on camera, sparked protests.