Video highlights James Harden's improved defense


Last year a video of James Harden's defense -- or lack thereof -- went viral. To the surprise of no one, Harden's defense was easily picked on as the weakest part of his game and perhaps one of the largest gaps in production between offense and d

efense in the NBA.

This season, Harden has shown increased effort on that end of the floor especially in the absence of Houston big man Dwight Howard.

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A new video has surfaced highlighting that increased effort. Althought it's easy to cherry pick plays on either side of the ball, some are truly brilliant switches and rotations and others are simply players missing shots.

To his credit, Harden is having his best year in terms of defensive efficiency and block percentage. It's doubly impressive considering defensive statistics for guards are often tied to the big men behind them and Howard has been out with an injury since Nov. 17.

In any case, the video is 10 minutes long and loops Eminem's "Lose Yourself" twice, so there's that to look forward to.