Steve Kerr responds to frustrated fans via email



Steve Kerr heard the catcalls and read some of the angry emails.

His decision to rest Stephen Curry and several key players Friday night in Denver didn’t sit well with some Warriors fans.

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According to the AP, one family drove from South Dakota to watch Golden State, only to leave disappointed after a 114-103 loss without Curry, Klay Thompson, Andrew Bogut and Andre Iguodala in the lineup.

So, Kerr took time to respond via email to three fans who expressed their frustration.

“There’s two really good sides to the story,” Kerr told the AP. “Nobody’s wrong here. … I can’t argue with them.”

AP reported one fan who received a note let the Warriors know how surprised and appreciative he was to hear from Kerr.

“I heard from some fans. I received a few emails, stories about driving in from a long distance off and spending a lot of money on tickets,” said Kerr, whose Warriors beat the Knicks by 31 on Saturday night. “I have great sympathy for those people. I really do. It’s a tricky one. It’s something that I think Adam Silver is trying to address through the scheduling shuffling that he’s talking about.

“It’s real important, because our fans deserve to see the best product out there. If somebody spends a lot of money, they deserve to see the best players, the guy that they came to see. On the other hand, as coaches we have to do what’s best to prepare our teams for a really long year.”