John Wall admits he roots for the Cowboys, not the Redskins


It's trying times for Washington D.C. sports fans. The Redskins' yearly tire fire was ignited before the season even began and the Nationals' disappointing season ended in ugly and embarrassing fireworks.

But the Wizards, who were a John Wall hand injury away from the Eastern Conference Finals, provide hope. But with basketball season still weeks away, football remains on everybody's mind. During a recent Red Bull video Q&A, Wall was asked about his favorite football team, and his answer is going to disappoint a lot of Washingtonians.

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"All the Redskins fans gonna boo me," Wall says with a smile. But why John, why? "Because I'm a momma's boy and that's my momma's team."

With his admission of Cowboys fandom, John Wall joins Bryce Harper as two of Washington's 'Big Three (Along with Alexander Ovechkin) to root for the Cowboys.

But there is good news on the way. Kevin Durant, who becomes a free agent in 2016, is an avid Redskins fan. The #KDtoDC2016

movement is more necessary than ever right now.