These Jordan Brand fans know nothing about Michael Jordan

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Michael Jordan really may have been on to something when he said he’d be remembered more for his sneakers than his playing career.

It makes sense, but this video from Complex suggests it may have already happened.

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Many of the same people who stood in line for hours for a new release of Jordan Brand and Supreme in New York weren’t able to answer basic questions about His Airness’ time in the NBA.

Jordan Brand junkies were asked a series of questions including how many championships Jordan won (6), who coached him with the Bulls (Phil Jackson) and what number h

e wore when he came back from retirement (45).

Based on their answers, he won 10 championships, wore 23 when he came back to the Bulls and he played with “a tall white guy” in addition to Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman.

After guessing that Jordan returned to the NBA in 1995 with the number 23, one young man, who may not have even been born then, came clean: “To be honest, I just like his shoes.”

Mars Blackmon told us in 1988, “it’s gotta be the shoes.” More than a quarter of a century later, that statement is more true than ever.