LeBron James won't eat pizza with the best topping on it

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LeBron James has been a dominant basketball player for years, and he partially attributes that to his non-pork diet.

"Oh, you can tell the difference," James told Cleveland.com. "It's in how I recover, the energy I have. It has helped a lot with my performance. Overall, I've just been feeling good."

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The former league MVP said he cut the most commonly consumed meat out of his diet seven years ago when an uncle suggested it. Pork is in many things, including pepperoni, which is obviously a common pizza topping. According to the author Chris Haynes, Jame

s stays true to his diet, even when he's tested.

On April 5, the Cavaliers had beaten the Bucks, 109-80. James had completed his media obligations. He mumbled that he was hungry and then asked his teammates if there was any post-game pizza left. There was plenty on the table in the middle of the locker room.

James walked over to the table, looked down at the pizza, shook his head and departed without picking up a slice. I always wondered what that was all about. As it turns out, all that was remaining was pepperoni pizza.

James is a founding investor of Blaze Pizza, but he's missing out on some of the best pizza toppings, including pepperoni, sausage, ham and bacon. The Cavs star likely restricts himself to veggie pizzas, which is an insult to pizza.

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James may be missing out on delicious slices of pie, but he seems content with it. He calls it one of the best decisions of his career, and it's hard to argue with him considering what he's accomplished. We'll never truly know if it has made a difference, but James is loyal to his diet, for now.

Maybe when he retires he can pig out (get it?) and enjoy some of that sweet, delicious pork.