Portland Trail Blazers will get new uniforms and a new logo in 2017


The Portland Trail Blazers will be getting a logo and uniform update.

Blazers president Chris McGowan said that the team’s visual identity is in the process of being revised, with the new look to be unveiled this coming spring. The entire NBA will be switching to Nike apparel starting with the 2017-18 season after years with adidas.

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McGowan described the proposed changes as “a modernization” rather than an overhaul. “I wouldn’t call it drastic,” he said. ” I think we’re blessed with some of the best uniforms in professional sports, our fans really like our identity, people know it whether you live in Portland or not. So I don’t know if drastic is necessarily what we need to do, but I think you always need to modernize.”

The current Blazers logo is itself an update of the 1970 “pinwheel,” created by Boston-based designer Frank Glickman, cousin of team founder and general manager Harry Glickman. The original is on the left, and the current logo is on the right:

The logo represents a modern, abstract interpretation of the sport of basketball, with five lines representing offensive players and five lines representing defensive players.

The Blazers’ most recent update came in 2002. Silver was added into the mix, supplementing the team’s longstanding black and red signature colors, and the pinwheel was dropped into a dense black background.

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At that time, team president Bob Whitsitt described that change as a shift toward something “more three-dimensional.”

Professional sports logos have been “devolving” for some time now, a shift away from abundant outlines, implied dimensionality, and extraneous colors. The Blazers seem like a candidate for something simpler and more streamlined than they currently have. The pinwheel is a Portland favorite. It seems safe to anticipate something that closely resembles their original 1970 look, which is associated with the only championship in franchise history.