Vince Carter, please do the 2017 Dunk Contest


We're in agreement: This has to happen, right? Vince Carter has to be in the dunk contest.

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Carter said that to in a video published on Monday, and of course people flipped over it — it's Vince Carter and the dunk contest. The fact that he's 40 (and that Round 2 woul

d be coming 17 years after the fact) only makes it more appealing.

It's important that TNT gets on board; All-Star weekend is their thing. The fact that they took the time to make a LaVine-Carter graphic is positive.

The biggest thing to consider; Carter can still get up. There's proof at the end of the video.

That's not Frederic Weis-level, but it doesn't have to be. Think of it the way you would a movie remake; it doesn't have to be great — only good enough to push the right nostalgia buttons.

And if he doesn't want to do it, just set up a rematch from last year. Nothing wrong with that .