Carmelo Anthony wants Phil Jackson to take complaints behind closed doors


Phil Jackson sends messages to his players through the media. He has done it for decades. It's one of the Knicks president's go-to motivational tools.

Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony has been on the receiving end of most of those messages of late. He finally has lost patience with it.

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Anthony made that clear Friday in speaking with reporters in Sacramento. He made sure to note he's OK with criticism of his game. He just wants Phil to keep the rest of the world out of the discussion.

That's reasonable; most employees would rather deal with a boss face to face if there's a problem. And, yes, there is a problem in New York.

Jackson wants Anthony to keep the ball moving in the triangle, and Anthony often wants to play iso. That tension is well-known, mostly because Jackson is quick to say Anthony can be a ball hog.

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Unless Anthony heeds Jackson and fully buys into the triangle, or Jackson throws up his hands in frustration and abandons the triangle, the two will keep going round and round. And neither man will likely concede much territory.

In that case

, Jackson should probably be finding a taker for Anthony. Maybe he can send 'Melo to that super team Chris Paul is forming. He doesn't even have to negotiate in the media.