Fatty acid has what effect to human body fatty acid and adipose have what concern

Fatty acid and adipose human body place needs, although be place,need but cannot exceed that range, so fatty acid has what effect to human body, fatty acid and adipose what concerns.

What effect does fatty acid have to human body?

1, be oxidized to generate carbon dioxide and water inside human body when fatty acid, when emiting certain quantity of heat, fatty acid is a kind of the sources of energy.

2, fatty acid keep in storage is in adipose cell, with untimely needs of equipment human body.

3, the raw material of the other compound that needs as place of synthetic human body, when adipose combustion, the quantity of heat that it can supply quite is about 37620 1000 anxious / gram. Accordingly, in our food, adipose be most food the sources of energy of concentration.

Fatty acid and adipose have what concern

Adipose decompose below the action of lipase, child is glycerine and fatty acid. The fatty acid that nature exists has 40 a variety of. Oneself of human body of a few kinds of fatty acid cannot be synthesized, must furnish by food, call indispensible fatty acid. Think before acid of linoleic acid, flax and earthnut 4 Xi are acerbity 3 kinds of this many not saturated fatty acid are indispensible fatty acid. In recent years research proves linoleic acid and flax are only acerbity is indispensible fatty acid, and 4 Xi acid can use earthnut linoleic acid

is synthesized by human body oneself.

Daily what food contains fatty acid tall

The fatty acid in food basically has two kinds, it is not saturated fatty acid and saturated fatty acid respectively.

Contain the food of not saturated fatty acid:

1, vegetable: All sorts of garlic, onion, green Chinese onion, beautiful dish, leek, ginger, turnip, tomato, wax gourd, kelp, laver, dawdle are like Xianggu mushroom, beautiful stay of proceedings

2, soja and bean products: Red bean of soya bean, bare, gram, horsebean, pea, kidney bean.

3, fish: Soft-shelled turtle reachs all sorts of sea fish.

4, fruit: Dish fruit, hawkthorn, orange.

5, grandma kind: Yoghurt.

6, other: Oaten, flower, sunflower, sesame seed, walnut, tea.

Contain food of saturated fatty acid: Food of general animal sex: Skin of complete fat grandma, butter, cheese, fat pork, pigskin, chicken, duck skin, ham, earth up root, banger, lardy, chicken food of oil of oily, ox, deepfry, fastfood, confect, cake. Plant sex grease: Coconut oil, palm oil, palm kernel oil, cocoa inferior essence of the fat, hydrogenated oil and fat, ghee that bake, grandma.

Adipose the action in human body

Adipose the main source that is human body energy, 1 gram is adipose the energy that can produce 9 kilocalorie, the protein that compares coequal amount and dextrose tower above 1 times much. Adipose the corporeal foundation that still is life, the cellular film of every cell in the body, and a few indispensable hormone, like testosterone prostate ketone of element, corpus luteum is mixed estrogen, need adipose participation. Do not absorb for a long time so adipose, perhaps maintain super- low adipose absorbed female, conceive darling very hard. Adipose still have preserve temperature, protection splanchnic, vitamin of sex of stimulative fat dissolve is absorbed, and the function that provides indispensible fatty acid for the body.