Snacks beans does him to do delicious sauce spicy beans to work how to be done delicious

Fabaceous doing has those who do dish to eat not only, at ordinary times there also is a beans to work in snacks, what beans is dry have different brand, so snacks beans does him how to be done delicious, sauce spicy beans works how to be done delicious, will look.

Does snacks beans do him how to be done delicious?

Prepare gourmet powder, chinese toon, ginger man, cassia bark, soy, refined salt, soya bean.

1, clean soya bean clean first, immerse one evening, its wear soya-bean milk, fecal filter, put boil inside boiler, the water with right amount rejoin, can achieve effect of attenuant soya-bean milk so, when thermal drop is controlled to 90 Celsius to 80 Celsius, can nod an oar with bittern, the agitate that certain otherwise breaks, but scarcely can be careless agitate, when grain of size of occurrence sesame seed when, can stop, the cap on the lid awaits half hour to control.

2, when the thermal drop of the oar is controlled to 70 Celsius when, can begin to go up bag, before be being wrapped on, should delimit bean curd broken, even booth is above bag cloth, the product that such doing come out is met more close together, the shop that wrap cloth is above case board, add jellied bean curd on bag cloth again next, an accretion, plunge into it again next close pressurization shapes, probably 60 minutes or so can tear open bag cloth come down, cut it into grid shape, immerse take out after half hour.

3, put refined salt mix is even among clear water, put smoked bean curd to briny crock again next inside, immerse a long time to be scooped up, do moisture drop, clear water eats boiler inside, the cassia bark with right amount rejoin, ginger man, refined salt, gourmet powder, sweet green, soy, make bittern, can burn in replace boiler next, a few smoked bean curd boil rejoin half hour, take a few to look, flavour sweet beauty, present palm red to be able to be taken ate.

Sauce spicy beans works how to be done delicious

Prepare Chinese prickly ash, do chili, white sugar, garlic, ginger, pi county thick broad-bean sauce, thick broad-bean sauce and steaky pork, pointed any of several hot spice plants, xianggu mushroom, the beans works.

1, first garlic, ginger is mincing, pi county thick broad-bean sauce also wants cut a few broken, dry chili is cut broken, xianggu mushroom of pointed any of several hot spice plants cuts Cheng Ding, the fat of steaky pork is taken, cut Ding Zhuang alone, lean lean is fourth, fabaceous doing cuts man.

2, heat is burned to add oil of a few vegetables inside boiler, fat puts in stir-fry before stewing to fry, fry grease stir-fry before stewing come out, the surface slightly scorch also can put in lean lean man, break up fry become angry, mix garlic, ginger breaks fragrance is fried come out.

3, add Pi county thick broad-bean sauce again, thick broad-bean sauce, chinese prickly ash, do chili, break up fry a red oil, rejoin beans works and Xianggu mushroom, break up fry the conglutinate with even sauce to be in feed capable person above, add right amount water, stew with conflagration boil a few minutes, shang Zhishou is dry break up fry a few times, rejoin white sugar and pointed any of several hot spice plants break up fry can eat equably.

How is dry snacks of hemp hot beans done delicious

Prepare fennel seed, salt, oily, pepper, zi like that pink, chili pink, often smoke, white sugar, hemp any of several hot spice plants, chinese prickly ash, dry chili and white beans work.

1, fabaceous doing is taken clean clean, do moisture drop, can cut it into the appearance of small triangle next, chili cuts paragraph of account, reserve together with Chinese prickly ash, right amount oil is added inside boiler, burn 7 when becoming heat, put in fabaceous doing stir-fry before stewing is fried, need what otherwise stops to flip through, when two sides is golden can scoop up accuse oil.

2, a few hot oil take inside boiler, add right amount white sugar, break up quickly fry, arrive all the time become brown color effervescent, can put in fabaceous doing next, break up

fry even chromatically.

3, prepare a bowl of water, right amount salt is joined inside, often smoke, candy agitate goes in equably, leave with big baked wheaten cake, reoccupy small fire is stewed slowly boil, when soup juice closes almost when working, joined fennel seed, pepper, chili pink, water of Chinese prickly ash breaks up fry even, can fill so come out to eat.

Fabaceous doing can put freezer how long

Contain in fabaceous doing rich carbohydrate, protein and adipose etc, cause bacterial; easily and the environment in freezer just does not suit a bacterium to cause, cannot restrain bacterial growth, because this also cannot do the beans to keep existence refrigerator for a long time, so Gan Fangbing box can put general ancient stemmed cup or bowl 2 days action, through the word of antiseptic processing, can put 3 days or so. Good to packing beans doing can be put in freezer to save before the expiration period.