Sunflower seed is come from where portion of wh what month of general sunflower seed matures

Everybody should have heard of rife food in the life, so do you understand sunflower seed? Small today make up understand together with everybody, after all sunflower seed is come from where, and is portion of wh what month of general sunflower seed mature? Accordingly small make up us to learn together.

Sunflower seed is come from where

Sunflower seed is the fructification of helianthus. Helianthus belongs to composite helianthus to belong to. For annual herb. Alias sunflower, the chrysanthemum of passionflower, a unit of length, flower that greet this world makes wait again on our country ancient books, the sun calls the flower in Europe, return some countries to call the sun grass, turn flower of day of lotus, rising sun. Helianthus produces ministry of North America southwest formerly, it is feral originally kind, view and admire via helping advance somebody’s career after, pervade quickly world each district, europe is passed into at the beginning of 16 centuries.

Portion of wh what month of general sunflower seed is mature

Sunflower seed is in 7-9 month matures commonly. Specific and mature time treats natural environment condition even, if lack water, mature early; And the place is different, mature time is different also, month of northeast area 9-10 is mature. Can collect after sunflo

wer seed is mature closed, collect the insolation after closing to save can.

Can unripe sunflower seed eat

Can eat raw, many not saturated fatty acid, protein, Potassium, phosphor, iron, calcic, magnesian element is contained in unripe sunflower seed, still have P of E of rich vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin Bz, vitamin, vitamin. Edible gives birth to sunflower seed to be able to prevent disease of adult of cellular consenescence, precaution. Not only such, unripe sunflower seed still can avoid anemia, treat insomnia and enhance memory to wait. Still have, seed of unripe sunflower of right amount edible can prevent kind of cancer, arterial congee sclerotic, hypertensive, coronary heart disease, neurasthenic wait for disease.

Sunflower seed has what effect

1, reduce cholesterol

The linoleic acid of sunflower seed can be amounted to 70% , conduce to reduce level of cholesterol of human body blood, be beneficial to health of protective heart and vessels.

2, prevent a disease

Constant crack with teeth in mouth eats sunflower seed it is coronary heart disease, apoplectic to precaution, certain to reduce flexibility of blood-vessel of blood pressure, protection to have action. Medical home thinks, sunflower can treat insomnia, enhance memory, to precaution cancer, hypertension is mixed neurasthenic have certain effect.

3, contain a lot ofa vitamin

The vitamin E content of sunflower seed is particularly rich, but stable mood, prevent disease of adult of cellular consenescence, precaution to have profit.

4, enhance a constitution

Sunflower seed still can avoid anemia, treat the insomnia, action that enhances memory.