What is cashew eat cashew to have what profit

Everybody should have heard of rife disease in the life, so do you understand cashew? Small today make up understand together with e

verybody, after all what is cashew, and eat cashew what to profit there is? Accordingly small make up us to learn together.

What is cashew

Cashew is division of suborder of impunity specific item, lacquer tree, lacquer tree, cashew a group of things with common features, cashew belong to Chang Luqiao wood or undershrub, the bine is erect, individual plant is expensive 4 ~ 10 meters, long rod is shown cinnamon, and above do not have wool almost, long leaf submits egg form, tip circle, base ministry broad wedge, the flower that leave shows yellow, inflorescence bounty, have many ramose, the platoon becomes umbrella room state, there is fluff outside calyx, leaf is shown linear wrap around needle form, have stamen and gynoecium, there are the floret medicine of egg circle and the ovary of circle pouring egg inside, the fruit of the knot submits kidney form, two side are flat pressure, base the ministry has peg-top pseudocarp, amaranth is shown when maturity, chairman gives the seed of kidney form below, the cashew that in living namely, we eat. Cashew is a kind of nut.

Eat cashew to have what profit

1, diuresis drops in temperature

Micturition is helpful for in the part that cashew place contains, still can drop in temperature.

2, connect galactic

Cashew still has the effect that urges breast, be beneficial to the woman with postpartum insufficient lactescence.

3, increase strength

Often edible cashew can raise airframe disease-resistant ability, stomachic, make gain weight.

4, aid discharge poison at defecate

Cashew contains abundant oil, edible cashew is OK and moist alvine path, stimulative defecate and platoon are poisonous.

5, eliminate exhaustion

The content of B1 is next to the vitamin in cashew sesame seed and earthnut, have the additional physical power, effect that removes exhaustion, suit easy tired person edible.

6, protect a heart and vessels

The certain vitamin in cashew and microelement composition, can have the effect of very good bate blood-vessel, disease of heart and vessels of hemal to protection, prevention and cure is in benignantly greatly.

7, prolong life

With form filling form the theory that is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, since cashew is long kidney of be similar in shape, accordingly, certain to nephritic health helpful, accordingly, can strong kidney originallies this, and nephritic health is helpful for a prolong life.

How should cashew eat

Cashew can make dried fruit take nutlet edible, also can enter nutlet dish, congee directly or be in joining cake, flavor while also promote alimental nutrition value.

The market value of cashew is how

The price of cashew controls a jin 100 yuan in 80 ~ about, but its price because character, brand, pack those who wait for a condition is different and have very big difference, above price makes reference only, when everybody is being bought, be with real value please accurate.