Why should evaporate crab want bubble with crab of beer beer bubble how long

Crab is the sea product that a lot of people like, the metropolis when crab of evaporate of a lot of families adds beer or be other cooking wine, so why should evaporate crab use beer, beer bubble crab wants bubble how long.

Why should evaporate crab use beer?

Go raw meat or fish, antiseptic. Crab is the biology in the water in a kind of long-term life, the bacterium that certain amount carries more or less on the body and microbial, and the alcohol that certain amount contains in beer, can help crab purify fishy smell and have certain and antiseptic effect, have certain help to human body health.

Beer bubble crab wants bubble how long

The specific size that inspects crab and calm. Below normal circumstance, the time control of beer evaporate crab is better in 15-20 left and right sides, crab is in this time paragraph inside basically OK evaporate is ripe, the crab of moderate volume enters boiler hind in cold water, probably it is good that evaporate is controlled 15 minutes, build is bigger, one exceed 4 only of two, need evaporate 20 minutes or so.

How to use beer evaporate crab

Material: Oil of Chi of fish of crab, beer, evaporate, mature vinegar, ginger, green.

1, crab uses little brush, scrub reserves completely.

2, Jiang Pi is cut, green is cut paragraph, add oil of evaporate fish Chi,

mature vinegar agitate is become equably dip in juice.

3, in putting crab recipient next, had done not have a crab into beer, immerse 5 minutes.

4, later Duan Hejiang skin puts onion into a pot for steaming food, enter the beer of bubble crab.

5, put the code on crab belly face on bamboo or wooden utensil for steaming food again, crab is put after a pot for steaming food is burned, steam comes 15- – 20 minutes.

6, had better touch dip in juice edible can.

Crab eats much have what harm

1, hurt taste

The property of crab slants cold, there are a lot of colds inside crab so, if eat much intestines and stomach can feel uncomfortable, this meeting causes taste Xu Han, the digestive function of gastric bowel drops badly, the dyspeptic disease such as likelihood occurrence diarrhoea, abdominal distension, bellyacke. Additional, the female of period should avoid to eat crab more or eat less, bring about Gong Han, dysmenorrhoea likely otherwise quantity of blood of aggravating, classics is little even menopause.

2, allergic

Crab is can allergic, can allergic person can not have crab, if immunity is inferior, even if can eat crab before, also cannot eat now, cannot eat more more, have the possibility that causes allergy, see more most with the patient allergy of digestion disease among them, some diarrhoea, bellyacke, vomiting, serious person can appear even systemic allergy symptom.

3, disease of blood-vessel of Yi Zhixin head

Eating what crab eats is not the flesh, the most delicious is the ovary and digestive glands of the crab and crab cream, nevertheless, although this different thing is delicious, there is many cholesterol however inside, 100g crab creams in the cholesterol that contains 466mg, the cholesterol of 65mg is contained in 100g crab flesh, it is typical high cholesterol food, the negative charge that edible passes blood-vessel of head of many pairs of hearts is too big, cause the disease such as thrombus of disease of tall blood fat, hypertensive, head easily.

4, gouty patient may have a relapse

Crab contains a lot ofprotein, have high cholesterol, tall purine, ego answers when gouty patient edible abstemious, edible is caused easily too much or aggravating and gouty symptom.

5, helminth infection

Some of person eats a crab is not to liked to thoroughly cook eat, like to eat unripe crab, drunk crab however, the crab of this kind of unripe choke is delicious most, but because do not have course high temperature to handle, syncretic of the parasite that carries in crab, bacterium did not get destroying thoroughly killing, a few edible are passable, eat verminosis of too much and easy infection, see more most with lung fluke disease among them.