Evaporate water chestnut wants how long water chestnut is evaporate still be to had been boiled very

What water chestnut sees outside now is less, the carapace of water chestnut is black, very hard, it is OK also that water chestnut can be eaten raw ripe eat, so evaporate water chestnut wants how long, water chestnut is evaporate still be to had been

boiled very.

Does evaporate water chestnut want how long?

Water chestnut is general evaporate 10-15 minute, if be,the word with high-pressured boiler can reduce time appropriately. Go to the lavatory with high-pressured boiler evaporate fast. The expiration period of the water chestnut with ripe evaporate 10 arrive 15 days. But the water chestnut with ripe evaporate cannot hm, must air of exterior moisture content, with hop-pocket sanded perhaps in bags makes water chestnut surface ventilated go.

Water chestnut is evaporate still be to had been boiled very

OK, those who treat an individual love. Water chestnut can take the steam of housing, also need not take the steam of housing, namely rice of evaporate water chestnut. Evaporate is worn if eating, between take time, cost firewood, and taste is as good as what boil also not how many. So water chestnut is normally take case boil, thoroughlied cook rind, have water chestnut rice. Become the word of dish, after be being thoroughlied cook, rind, have culinary art with water chestnut rice and other dish.

Eat water chestnut to have what contraindication

1, dysenteric patient avoid feeds water chestnut water chestnut more renown water chestnut, Shui Ling, Shui Li, it is autumn a kind of fruit, grain, greens holds provided aquatic crop concurrently, basically contain the part such as candy cent, adipose, protein, inorganic salt. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, dysenteric disease in bowel, it is be caused by of smolder of damp and hot more, diet benefits kind of food, water chestnut is commonly used thick bowel of stomach of Yu Jian lienal beneficial, nourishing effect is apparent, if water chestnut of dysenteric patient edible, can accentuate illness. So, dysenteric patient avoid feeds autumn more water chestnut.

2, cold patient avoid feeds water chestnut to be on the fruit vegetables market of autumn day more, water chestnut is a kind of in season food, furnish people edible. But, cold patient avoid feeds water chestnut more. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, cold patient appropriate is fed contain a watch to come loose the food of action, diet benefits kind of food. Water chestnut filling gas loves unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, if cold patient feeds water chestnut more, can send disease lingering to heal hard.

3, take candy water chestnut of coriaceous hormone diet is in autumn life, certain disease patient needs to take candy coriaceous hormone, and coriaceous hormone has sugar the intention that refine sugar of stimulative candy generation, curb discloses, after taking, can make blood sugar lifts quickly, take the provision of the cent containing sugar of and so on of water chestnut of the diet when medicine so.

4, water chestnut cannot eat too much eat water chestnut to want suitable word only actually, it is what to do not have to hinder greatly, also do not have the contraindication with too much what, cannot eat water chestnut too much, water chestnut is eaten raw is very of preserve one's health, but if using the move that boil to eat, be very easy occurrence starch content is high, or the phenomenon with sugar high volume, after such food ate of very light put on weight, saying so had better be not to want to eat water chestnut so.

Can be water chestnut eaten raw

Water chestnut can be eaten raw. Of water chestnut outer have a thick fruit carapace package, the pulp flesh of carapace of take out fruit is qualitative fragile tender, contain many moisture and starch, with yam, can eat raw, and still can produce component of a few candy when mastication, can eat raw not just, still contain light pleasant sweet taste.