The quantity of heat of asinine liver is high chairman of liver eating an ass is fat

Everybody should hear of rife flesh in the life kind food, so do you understand asinine liver? Small today make up understand together with everybo

dy, after all the quantity of heat of asinine liver is high, and is chairman of liver eating an ass fat? Accordingly small make up us to learn together.

The quantity of heat of asinine liver is high

Institute of meat of ass of every 100 grams contains quantity of heat to be 116 kilocalorie about, low natrium salt, low saturated fatty acid, contain a lot ofpotassium, contain a lot ofiron, contain a lot ofzinc, contain a lot ofprotein, advantageous reduce weight, cholesterol content is exorbitant, fattening and the asinine flesh without fattening content of its heat energy is differ. If pass the ass austral the advance of fattening, is adipose content as high as 19.1 in the flesh? % ? , 1008 1000 anxious heat energy are contained in flesh of every 100 grams. Without the flesh of cool city ass of fatten, in 100 grams flesh contain 339 1000 anxious heat energy on average only, asinine liver also is same.

Chairman of liver eating an ass is fat

Often eat liver of asinine flesh, ass to be able to make person put on weight. Be together flesh eating an ass and get fat connection actually do not have a truth. The high protein that asinine flesh and asinine liver also are a model is qualitative, low adipose food, can lose for body, the person of the take good care of sb after disease provides good nourishment.

Liver eating an ass has what profit

1, asinine liver has ” two tall two low ” characteristic: High protein, low adipose; is tall amino acid, low cholesterol. Having favorable sanitarian effect to arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, hypertension.

2, asinine liver still contains animal glue, the composition such as bone glue protein and calcium, the person that can be the take good care of sb after weak of old person, children, body and disease offers good nutrient complement.

3, amino acid is formed in asinine liver very comprehensive, the content that 8 kinds of human body need ammoniac acid is not indispensible and amino acid with 10 kinds is very rich. Lubricious ammonia acid is to regard the protein in identifying the flesh as whether comprehensive important matter, also be the main index that assess flesh tone measures.

Where to like to eat asinine meat

“Ethereal dragon flesh, flesh of the ass on the ground ” , it is people the supreme v&v compliment to asinine flesh. North of Lu Xi, Lu Dongna, Anhui, Anhui on the west, northwest of comfort northwest, Jin Dongna, advance, North Shaanxi, Henan, heibei took a lot of places to form the traditional food that provides distinguishing feature alone and local name to eat. If green state seat of government places river ass flesh, fat Dong Shitang south flesh of example word ass, Ju flesh of ass of stockaded village of Laowang of flesh of old place ass, Gao Tang, flesh of ass of baked wheaten cake of flesh of flesh of ass of meat and fish dishes of sesame seed cake of flesh of the ass between the river, wide forgive, ass of river of Baoding water transport, Cao Ji, on the ass of flesh of ass of party dried meat, Luoyang is broth, anxious make flesh of flesh of the ass that do boiling water, the ass that protect store wait.