Double skin grandma cannot eat double skin to suckle what person to cannot eat together with what

Double skin grandma is a very delicious sweetmeats, to a lot of people very familiar, it enters the mouth to be changed namely, mouthfeel continous is close, still can match a few conserve or the fruit will flavor, what what need notices is there when are we eating double skin to suckle so?

Double skin grandma cannot eat together with what

1. and spinach eat together, can cause dysenteric;

2. collocation red jujube, meet those who affect protein absorb;

Stay of proceedings of 3. tie-in acupuncture needle, can cause dyspeptic;

4. tie-in yangtao, meeting influence is digested absorb, appear; of abdominal distension, bellyacke, diarrhoea

Pink of 5. tie-in calcium, can produce precipitation, absorb not easily.

Double skin suckles what person to cannot eat

1. is short of acid of iron sex anaemia, lactose to lack patient of disease, cholecystitis, pancreatitis cannot grandma of edible double skin.

2. taste Xu Han makes the have diarrhoea, phlegmy wet person that accumulate drink careful feed.

The practice that double skin suckles

Material: Pure milk half jins, egg white.


1, pure milk is put small fire is boiled in boiler and have skin on boiled milk.

2, egg white adds white sugar slowly agitate does not give bubble.

3, enter the milk that boils in the bowl slowly cool, can have a skin on boiled milk, enter tear of skin on boiled milk milk inside egg white, slowly agitate, after mix is even, falling to fill the bowl that has skin on boiled mil

k in, put this bowl into a pot for steaming food again inside evaporate 10 minutes, using a chopstick is solid below stamp, take out can.

What double skin suckles is genetic

Suitable heart double skin is suckled only then achieve Yu Qingchao last stage, a farmer that is suitable at that time heart is undesigned modulation comes out, smell sweet taste, welcome by broad masses, circulate up to now, make one of special local product of suitable heart, still be judged to be ” China name is little feed ” one of. It is the most important to do double skin to suckle is select material, the quality stand or fall that double skin suckles depends on above all the new rate of milk, chooses milk must be fresh careless milk, gift of made double skin grandma is quite sweet, slippery, great.

The practice that double skin suckles also is very simple, boil fresh milk first, take the advantage of heat to fall in the bowl, before long ties of bright milk surface layer goes skin on boiled milk, with chopstick general skin on boiled milk piercing, slowly the grandma teem in ground general bowl, join right amount egg white, bai Sha candy, original skin on boiled milk slowly float rises, put to fire to stew next, can written guarantee again before long give a skin to come, formed 2 skins so, pleasant of superstratum skin on boiled milk is sweet, mouth of sweet smooth of lower level skin on boiled milk, reason names for ” double skin is suckled ” .