The pumpkin cake pass the night that scamper spends can eat how is the pumpkin cake that scamper passes saved

Pumpkin cake is a kind of fry that a lot of people like to eat very much, generally speaking, unripe pumpkin cake puts freezer compartment to be able to be saved directly very long, but if is the pumpkin cake after scamper passes done not have how should be if eating, saved?

Can the pumpkin cake pass the night that scamper spends eat

Can eat, but the pumpkin cake that scamper passes had better be to take the advantage of heat to eat, of the previous night eats flavour and mouthfeel the metropolis is poorer.

The pumpkin cake that scamper passes once moisture loss can appear to lay hardening condition instead, because this wants to use,last bag had packed, wrap two even, lest appear,water divides losing case.

How is the pumpkin cake that scamper passes saved

The pumpkin cake drop that 1. crosses scamper strikes redundant oil.

2. waits for pumpkin cake use after complete air is cool last in bags is good.

3. is sealed, the one side of heal is down, cover to last again bag.

On the heal face of the bag inside 4. general, put into safe to save next.

The practice of scamper pumpkin cake

Material: Ormosia is sanded 100 grams, pumpkin 250 grams, pink of polished glutinous rice 20 grams, corn is amylaceous 100 grams, wheaten flour 5 grams, bai Sha candy 75 grams, peanut oil 100 grams

1, section of old pumpkin flay, evaporate is controlled 20 minutes, take out press into mud with ladle.

3, pink of polished glutinous rice is joined to knead divide evenly in pumpkin mud, rub makes an appointment with 3 centimeters a round mass of food into the diameter, the squash after the bag enters stuffing of sweetened bean ta

ste submits cake form,

4, divide evenly is touched in putting pumpkin cake one by one wet starch.

5, boiler get angry, put vegetable oil, burn to 4 when becoming heat, the blast in putting pumpkin cake oily bowl comes clear case is scooped.

6, wait for oil lukewarm pick up to 6 when becoming heat, in eating pumpkin cake boiler entirely again answer blast one, install dish of Sa Shangmian white sugar to be become namely.

The nutrient value of pumpkin cake

1, much saccharide: Pumpkin polysaccharide is intensifier of immunity of particularity of a kind of blame, can improve the immune function of airframe, stimulative cell factor is generated, the adjustment that develops many sided to immune system through the way such as activation complement function.

2, kind Hu Luobo element: Kind of rich Huluobo in pumpkin cake element can be changed into the vitamin A that has important physiology function inside airframe, thereby to the growth of epithelial tissue the differentiation, growth that maintains normal vision, stimulative skeleton has important physiology function.

3, mine qualitative element: In pumpkin cake tall calcium, tall Potassium, low natrium, the old people in suiting particularly and hypertensive patient, be helpful for preventing osteoporosis and hypertension. In addition, still contain the element such as phosphor, magnesian, iron, copper, manganese, chromic, boron.

4, amino acid and active albumen: A variety of amino acid that human body place contains to need in pumpkin cake, among them acid of ammonia of third of acid of acid of lysine, bright ammonia, different bright ammonia, benzene, revive the content such as ammoniac acid is higher. In addition, in the enzymatic genotype of ascorbic acid oxidation in pumpkin and tobacco identical, but active and apparent prep above is nicotian, showed the content in albumen of active of the immunity in pumpkin is higher.