How is potherb mustard done delicious eat potherb mustard to have what effect

Everybody should have heard in the life rife is vegetable, so do you understand potherb mustard? Accordingly small make up us to learn together, after all how is potherb mustard done delicious, and eat potherb mustard what to effect there is? Accordingly small make up us to learn together.

How is potherb mustard done delicious

1, first potherb mustard evaporate ripe, cut next paragraph.

2, enter right amount edible oil in boiler, undertake breaking up frying into potherb mustard after oily heat, put steaky pork then piece break up then with Jiang Pian fry.

3, put next unripe smoke, salt, pink of the five spices, gallinaceous essence, pepper is fried together ripe.

4, get on the Shang Zhigai that has done finally cap, it is OK to boil ten minutes or so frowzily probably, this moment gives bean curd again add boil ten minutes. Scatter after Guan Huozhi on the chopped green onion of a few, can eat.

Eat potherb mustard to have what effect

1, potherb mustard can be life-giving wake head

Potherb mustard can be life-giving acerbity head, it contains many ascorbic acid, the oxidation that this kind of material can attend airframe is reductive in the activity, can raise the oxygen content in cerebrum, can raise active of cerebral fine bosom, alleviate fatigue, right life-giving wake the head has very big gain.

2, potherb mustard can be alexipharmic subsidence of a swelling

Potherb mustard has the main effect of alexipharmic detumescence, it contains a variety of natural part that fight bacterium, can eliminate a variety of bacterias and virus, can promote human cut heal, can prevent cut to affect more, at ordinary times the happening that edible can reduce disease of sex of a few bacteria. Additionally potherb mustard still has special sweet smell, with many prandial fiber, people edible can increase appetite when it, also can disappear of be good at stomach is fed, return the hair opportunity of survival that can reduce constipation to lead.

Eat potherb mustard to have what what notices

(1) cannot be mixed feed vinegar one case edible

Content of potherb mustard vitamin is extremely high, especially the content of vitamin A is very high, and still be contained a lot of can the carotene of A of translate into vitamin, accordingly, in our country folk a lot of people treat eyesight to blur with potherb mustard, and the meeting that feed vinegar and carotene produce reaction, destroy its structure, make its cannot A of translate into vitamin, an edible can reduce the nutrient value of potherb mustard.

(2) cannot eat together with cucumber

The content of C of potherb mustard vitamin is higher also, and a lot of vitamin C are contained to decompose in cucumber enzymatic, an edible can decompose these two kinds of food vitamin C, reduce the nutrient value of potherb mustard, long-term and such edible suffers from possibly still scorbutic.

(3) cannot eat together with spinach

Potherb mustard is the calcium in plant vegetable measures a very tall kind character, calcic qualitative 235mg is contained in its 100g unripe vegetable, and many oxalic acid is contained in spinach, these two kinds of food eat together can bring about calcium to be united in wedlock with oxalic acid character, generate oxalic acid calcium, can in order to digest, reduce nutrient value, return the risk that can increase kidney stone.

(4) cannot a large number of edible

Potherb mustard is commonly used will do bloat dish, we know souse tastes the

nitrite that contains certain amount, in translate into of body internal energy inferior saltpetre amine, have the effect causing cancer of powerful effect, the potherb mustard edible of souse can increase cancer risk too much.

How much is the market value of potherb mustard

Price of near future potherb mustard has apparent downtrend, be less than 1 yuan probably a jin, the price is dog-cheap, each district has certain difference. The price of potherb mustard of integrated like road of ocean of area of Beijing rising sun market is Qing Dynasty of fierce of Tianjin of 0.8 yuan of a jin of; price of potherb mustard of terminal market of big Sha He is 0.5 yuan a jin.