Lactation can have snakeheaded fish can confinement in childbirth have snakeheaded fish

To the female, in lactation it is a very special period, this time is having a lot of things to need to n

otice actually above food, snakeheaded fish is postpartum to the female restoring have certain profit, can eat appropriately a few.

Can lactation have snakeheaded fish

Can eat, it is good to the body that lactation mother has snakeheaded fish.

Folk often inspects snakeheaded fish to be precious cordial, in order to urges breast, enrich the blood. Soup of the clear slices of fish meat that fry black, tomato slices of fish meat is very pretty good also also. Snakeheaded fish soup can be medium mark matchs postpartum cookbook! Snakeheaded fish fills already albumen fills again head, still can help beautiful Mom model perfect figure, want to be drunk more of course between lactation.

Can confinement in childbirth have snakeheaded fish

OK of course. But snakeheaded fish suits postpartum mom very much the nourishing food of edible.

Snakeheaded fish has the effect that knows breast, to the mom of postpartum lactation, eat snakeheaded fish to be able to rise to urge lacteal action, additional, snakeheaded fish can go Yu, unripe flesh, enrich the blood, stimulative cut cicatrizations, improve color, help body recovers from an illness. In addition the rich mineral element in snakeheaded fish, wait like calcic, iron, phosphor, Selenium, can prevent anaemic, mood depressed wait for disease, so during confinement in childbirth, snakeheaded fish can be indispensable tonic.

Postpartum have snakeheaded fish

Snakeheaded fish flesh contains a large number of elements with human body essential place, have nutrition very much. The nourishing effect of snakeheaded fish is very distinct, among them protein can feel low place of patient of albumen blood disease is absorbed, among them iron material still can offer right amount iron element for cell of human body hematopoiesis, because of this snakeheaded fish very the crowd edible with the frail, hidebound body such as the person that applies to deficiency of vital energy of disease of low albumen blood, taste, anaemia. To pregnant woman snakeheaded fish can serve as postpartum rehabilitate enrich the blood in the process the potion fine medicine of the refection that urge breast.

The practice of snakeheaded fish soup

Advocate makings: Skin of snakeheaded fish head, fishbone, fish, black agaric, young soya bean

Complementary makings: Green quantity of right amount, Jiang Kuo, garlic right amount, salt cooking wine is right amount, right amount


1, snakeheaded fish goes cruelly oppress, take piscine head, skin, character, abluent, cut paragraph.

2, ginger section, the head of garlic has pared, green draws a form, the others cuts chopped green onion.

3, black agaric shifts to an earlier date bubble hair.

4, young soya bean is abluent drop does water.

5, sit boiler heat is oily, put bowl of boil in water for a while of Jiang Pian, the head of garlic, cut paragraph stir-fry before stewing of piscine head, skin, bone is fried.

6, cooking wine is put after the fish becomes angry, knot of a bowl of big clear water, green is added after putting young soya bean to be fried slightly.

7, in conflagration is boiled black agaric is put to boil 2 minutes slightly after becoming white to piscine soup, add salt, scatter on chopped green onion gives boiler black.