Beautiful ox apple suffers from Hua Niuping how to choose gift if really a bit delicious

Below normal circumstance, hua Niuping should be very sweet if really, if ate to have bitter Hua Niuping may be Hua Niuping if really had been put bad if really, this moment should throw away instantly, cannot eat again.

Why does Hua Niuping have bit of pain if really

The likelihood is bad, bad Hua Niuping is bitter if really. Look at color the more bright-coloured, skin spends bovine apple glossily, appear more easily this kind of problem.

Because illumination of such beautiful ox apple is enough,be, bug fell ill inside.

2 because was put,be very long, hua Niuping begins bad from inside if really, this is not careful, one weigh in hand knew bad apple, it is some lighter all the more, bad did not eat!

How does Hua Niuping choose gift if really delicious

1, see color

The nutrition that the Hua Niuping with redder color shows to oneself is absorbed if really is very sufficient, hua Niuping is more fragile commonly if really, color proves a bit more greatly to spend bovine apple already very ripe, at that time Hua Niuping is very delicate if really. Smell of beautiful ox apple is sweet, pulp is sweet fragile, branch of a bit riper water of beautiful ox apple decreases, taste meeting more pink a bit. So, like powdery apple might as well pick the Hua Niuping fruit with deeper color.

2, see build

Beautiful ox apple wants than general apple a few bigger, we eat Hua Niuping to tasted more delicious greatly if really, what the Hua Niuping of big build proves development of Hua Niuping fruit if really is very good. Color chooses as far as possible when buying the Hua Niuping fruit with brighter, a few bigger build.

3, hear flavour

Wen Wen spends the flavour of bovine apple, without corrupt flavour, not ripe it is good to overdo.

4, feel hardness

Finger still can be used when the choice spends bovine apple play gently, if the feeling has hardness, give out the sound of phut phut, the quality that proves beautiful ox apple is very good, if spend bovine apple to become particularly soft, the likelihood is inside deteriorated, did not choose.

5, rip label

Some can be cheated without fine pedlar buy the home. When buying must choose carefully personally one by one. Some has ticket, if want to buy, must rip off label, look whether does the problem exist below label. The metropolis is imperfect below a lot of label. E.g. the place of a few damaged, or the aperture that the bug eat by moth of a few black crosses.

6, see glossy

To prevent Hua Niuping to decay if really, some businessmen can wax in the surface take next sell. And what these waxing is right human body is very harmful. The surface that waxes commonly is very slick, and still can have glossy. Feel the sense that can feel fat forcibly a little with the hand.

Spend the effect of bovine apple and action

1. prevents skin ageing

The vitamin sort in beautiful ox apple is rich, content is high, can make the skin exquisite tender slippery, more luster feeling. In addition, the much phenol that Hua Niuping contains if really has very strong fight oxidation, the freedom inside OK and cleared body base, speed of consenescence of slow down skin, often eat can let you compare with age person younger.

2. conduces to Morpheus

The alcohol in composition of scent of beautiful ox apple kind content is 92% , after be being absorbed by human body but slow nerve, conduce to improve Morpheus quality.

3. complementary capabilities

The meeting after getting up in the morning feels Mondayish, human body is badly in need of compensatory candy cent providing energy for the body, OK and hollow eat a Hua Niuping to alleviate if really. After the fructose in beautiful ox apple enters human body, can change into dextrose to be absorbed by the body, the meeting after eating is energetic.

4. prevention and cure is hypertensive

Hua Niuping is the fruit of low natrium of a kind of tall Potassium if really, often eat Hua Niuping to be able to reduce the cholesterol content in the blood inside body if really, have profit very much to hypertensive patient.

Hua Niuping is done not have if really ripe how to do

If buy a Hua Niuping that come to still do not have maturity if really if really, taste insufficient face, after can setting its period of time again edible, wait for among them moisture to volatilize commonly a few can become face a few, placement specific time and beautiful ox apple originally the degree of the face is concerned, also the rate that the individual like

s malic area is concerned, if like an area of a few can put appropriately grow a few time.