Cashew is eaten raw poisonous cashew skin how take out

The nutrition of cashew is richer, so cashew should eat right amountly, the cashew that we eat usually is to fry ripe, so cashew is eaten raw poisonous, cashew skin how take out, look together below.

Cashew is eaten raw poisonous

Cashew itself is eaten raw do not have poison, but the pseudocarp of its the top of head is poisonous, the cashew that we buy at ordinary times does not see poisonous share commonly. The unripe cashew that we say daily is to point to the raw ingredient cashew that did not pass deepfry or adds the complementary makings such as salt, candy, such cashew is the ripe cashew after be being handled through high temperature. Poisonous unripe cashew saying on the net is to show high temperature goes the cashew before poison, such cashew we are general very difficult bring into contact with. Because this unripe cashew that we often say is eatable.

Cashew skin how take out

1, immerse with boiled water

Can put cashew into the basin directly inside, enter boiled water again next, look for a chopstick or a ladle, inside mix is even, make the skin of cashew of boiled water general very hot be in, should iron only commonly in a few minutes, the skin of cashew is met very fast fall down, after falling down, reoccupy clear water is rinsed a few times repeatedly, can of the leather purify cashew very clean, this kind of method is more commonly used.

2, immerse with buck

Want to prepare a dish of clear water above all, put in cashew next put again right amount old alkaline, after mix is even, enter it the basket that clean out rice again inside, undertake rub is kneaded forcibly, you can discover after moment, the leather all of cashew fell down, undertake its rinsing again finally can.

Cashew eats much meeting how

Very substantial grease part is contained in cashew, if those who eat is too much, can pile up inside body so a few grease, and still can cause fat, especially bad to a few liver it is ve

ry adverse for excessive perhaps and fat crowd.

Cashew suits one day how to much eat

Cashew suggests to feed dosage to be 10 everyday each, do not exceed 15 at most. The overmuch word that cashew takes is to may appear a few hypersensitive shape, light person bellyacke, disgusting, lip drinks ministry of palpebral oedema, pharynx to itch bazoo of ear of painful, eye is giddy and scratchy, sneeze, tears drifting Qing Dynasty, flustered, serious person shock of occurrence irritability of group of storm of children whole body, adult, oedema of the most dangerous respiratory tract of nothing is more... than, rescue can cause death not as good as, especially the person illness of original bronchus asthma will be more serious.