Candy sweet-scented osmanthus is the effect of what candy sweet-scented osmanthus and action

Candy sweet-scented osmanthus a lot of people should have this name had heard of, actually it is a kind of thing that candy and sweet-scented osmanthus do, can bubble water is drunk, eat directly or do sweetmeats, have a way extraordinary diversity, specific understanding comes along to fall below.

What is candy sweet-scented osmanthus

Candy sweet-scented osmanthus is to use fresh sweet-scented osmanthus, mix a kind of food that goes up to Bai Sha candy is made and be become. Do not cross strictly speaking, candy sweet-scented osmanthus is not a kind of food, it is a kind of alimental only complementary makings, the part of appropriative greenery, will foil leading role stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup, congee or the moon cake food that needs sweet breath.

Annual around is sweet-scented osmanthus waves mid-autumn sweet season, rise to seal up for keeping autumnal flavour, common people people the sweet-scented osmanthus of candy of sweet-scented osmanthus make it that can pick up a full ground, sealed rise, for be being enjoyed all the year round. Candy sweet-scented osmanthus can be done dip in makings, mix sauce, still can use as at the same time the stuffing makings of all sorts of cake.

The effect of candy sweet-scented osmanthus and action

Sweet-scented osmanthus contains balmy agent, this kind of aroma can help us prevent the happening of respiratory tract disease, can treat sluggish of phlegmy fluid block to breathe an obstacle for what cause more. Sweet-scented osmanthus aroma is full-bodied, often did not see the flower already was heard sweet, this kind of aroma can stimulate the person's nerve, remove disappear to surround the action of recover from fatigue.

Flavour of candy sweet-scented osmanthus fragrances, eat more can the peculiar smell in dispel mouth, have the effect of the bacterium in exterminating a mouth, help halitosis patient removes the trouble of halitosis. In addition, candy sweet-scented osmanthus is had relieve a cough, the action of expectorant, smooth asthma, feasible gas invigorate the circulation of blood, delay the ache that solve stagnation of the circulation of vital energy and causes, your body feels more free from worry.

How does candy sweet-scented osmanthus eat

Material: Sweet-scented osmanthus of fine saccharic, egg white, pure milk, candy


1, the; in adding pure milk grandma pot

2, join fine saccharic; next

3, small fire heats, and agitate, till melt into of candy be in harmony stops, place cool aside;

4, this moment suckles bottle; with boiled water disinfection

5, after milk is cooling, join 3 egg white, mix is even;

6, flummery fluid filters 2 times;

7, load feeder, 8 minutes full can;

8, feeder cold water enters boiler, the microwave oven on cap giving a milk is special last velar;

9, conflagration, evaporate 20 minutes, the stew after flameout 10 minutes can;

10, join candy sweet-scented osmanthus can edible, also can put eat again after freezer is refrigerant.

Candy sweet-scented osmanthus is bought which

Candy sweet-scented osmanthus is a kind of relatively common dressing, average large supermarket can be bought. There also is a farmer to sell from the candy sweet-scented osmanthus of wine in a few free market of agricultural productses, want the bought supermarket that can reach place in person or market inquiry.

In addition, what do not want to go out in the home curtilage is close people also can choose to be bought on the net. Small make up understanding to arrive, there is candy sweet-scented osmanthus to sell on large shoppi

ng website, the price is 10 yuan probably a bottle. What the choice buys on the net is close should notice the net store that credit assures is bought, the netizen's opinion reads more before buying, lest buy inferior goods, waste money to harm the body again already.