The maw that beautiful glue is what fish spends the distinction of glue and isinglass

Beautiful glue believes everybody has heard of, beautiful glue still has certain sanitarian effect, is so beautiful glue the maw o

f what fish, where is the distinction of beautiful glue and isinglass, look together below.

The maw of what fish is beautiful glue?

It is Shi Shouyu more. Beautiful glue will be large of piscine maw work to make and be become, have very good nourishing action and officinal value, existent beautiful glue breed has a lot of, every kinds of beautiful glue is the maw that comes from different fish, originate normally Shi Shouyu, shi Shouyu is a general designation that perch form looks Shi Shouyu division makes an appointment with 160 fish, include to fish of yellow croaker, white mouth, black mouth, yellow lip is waited a moment among them. ?

Spend the distinction of glue and isinglass

Beautiful glue and isinglass are same. Beautiful glue is the dry goods of maw, because contain a lot ofcolloid, call isinglass again so, it also can call swimming bladder, what be used to because of area and language is different, call a law to differ so, but they are those who point to is same kind feed capable person. ?

How is dry maw boiled delicious

1, choose right amount dry maw, immerse a few hours with clear water first, water is burned, will dry maw is put roll water, the boiler on the lid is built, put cool OK take out put cool the dry maw after, pour water, receive one boiler water again, come again is good with respect to complete hair. ?

2, need to notice a method when the move that boil eats maw, immerse maw in water above all, need probably time of 5 minutes, want to boil water next, issue Jiang Pian and green again, maw is put again later, after boiling maw molten, cut maw into strip.

3, and gallinaceous willow uses salt, cooking wine, jiang Mo, pepper tasty of a souse. Green melon is cut. Gallinaceous willow joins unripe white mix has in oar and edible oil, burn hot oil next, gallinaceous willow falls in boiler, when fry ripe later can fill rise.

4, explode in boiler sweet Jiang Pian, issue green again next paragraph, when explode sweet later OK Cheng Qi will reserve. Explode Jiang Cong sweet later, continue to issue green melon and maw into boiler to fry, fry soft-boiled moment, at that time I issue gallinaceous willow, return the Jiang Cong that before having, has fried, issue bad news oil, salt, white sugar and gallinaceous pink to undertake flavorringed to be able to eat next.

The electric stewpan maw that boil is OK

The maw that boil when, use report stewpan is completely possible, it is a good method, if we want to let maw taste nourishing the result is very strong, can choose to use the method that lies between water to stew to have culinary art. It is very pretty good that use report stewpan will stew maw to eat, also be very convenient, the taste that still can let maw is good. ?