Eat cassia bark to want to notice eats cassia bark to have what profit

Cassia bark is in daily in utilization rate is very high still, cassia bark should do spice still is very sweet, so eat cassia bark to want what to notice, eat cassia bark to have what profit, look together below.

What to eat cassia bark to want to notice?

1, cassia bark aroma is full-bodied, contain the element of yellow camphor tree that can cause cancer, so edible quantity has been jumped over lesser, and unfavorable and long-term edible. The dosage of cassia bark is unfavorable and too much, if fragrance is overweight, can affect the taste of dish itself instead. ?

2, cassia bark sex is hot, so the summer should diet. Cassia bark has the effect of invigorate the circulation of blood, pregnant woman is fed less.

3, the cassia bark with mildewy be affected with damp be affected with damp cannot edible.

Eat cassia bark to have what profit

1, cassia bark contains apperception of benzene acrylic acid to close matter, have better remedial effect to prostate hyperplasia, and the hematic flow that can increase prostate to organize, promote the improvement that local organization blood circulates. ?

2, cassia bark because of containing naphtha aroma is fragrant, can make the flesh kind dish dispel raw meat or fish solves be bored with, balmy and goluptious, make a person then appetite soars. ?

3, right amount in diet add

cassia bark, because of,defer aged and the worker worker that cause diabetic. ?

4, cassia bark still has warm stomach, dispel muscle of cold, invigorate the circulation of blood, easy, promote blood circulation by invigorating vital energy, acetanilide and stop the effect of have diarrhoea.

What does cassia bark have officinal value

The pharmacodynamics that phenol of cassia bark aldehyde, fourth balm contains in cassia bark sees Chinese cassia tree and clove. The cassia bark that a kind of breed did not make clear is right inside test tube bacterium of Xu Lan favus and its Mongolia mutation, in all the inhibition that a variety of fungus causing disease such as bacterium of tinea of heart sex wool all have different rate, leach dose is stronger than decoct agent action, ether and mellow soak fluid are stronger than leach agent action. Reason its active ingredient may be naphtha kind, whether be fourth balm phenol namely did not appear in the newspaper.

What person does not suit to eat cassia bark

Cassia bark is appropriate lumbar genu is cold painful, deficiency of yang is afraid that arthritis of wet sex of cold, chill, limb sends chill of cool, stomach clear water of painful, inappetence, vomiting, abdominal secret anguish, bowel cries have loose bowels, woman is postpartum bellyacke, menstruation is alvine cold painful with amenorrhoea, chronic ulcer, enchanted cross delay, also suit edible of patient of kidney empty, enuresis, every time 5 grams are controlled can.