Jerk is OK scamper is worn eat can jerk eat together with seafood

Jerk is a kind of pork that a lot of people like very kind snack, it is beef airing later of make it, very delicious, still also having the nutrient value of beef at the same time, so is jerk OK is scamper worn eat?

Jerk is OK scamper is worn eat


Jerk can use deepfry, put the finished product jerk that has done in oily boiler directly, decoct blast becomes crackling state can, wear jerk deepfry eat, not only exceeding faint scent is goluptious, and also have nutrition quite, but the jerk that deepfry crosses cannot eat more, because deepfry passes to be able to produce the material of a few adverse health later, eat too much word to may affect health, wear jerk deepfry so eat, although delicate but cannot feed more.

Can jerk eat together with seafood


Jerk and seafood cannot eat together, because seafood is,belong to cold sex feed capable person, and once jerk eats the word that material combines with cold sex, the intestines and stomach that can bring about oneself not only digests occurrence issue, and also can bring about oneself to appear the circumstance with abdominal distension bellyacke, serious possible still meeting causes bromatoxism, must notice jerk to cannot eat in order to follow seafood together at ordinary times so, what can affect oneself badly otherwise is healthy.

How is jerk done delicious

Material: Niu Liu 1000 grams, cooking wine 3 spoon, green Chinese onion 1, ginger 1 chunk, chinese prickly ash 50 grams, dry chili 50 grams, unripe draw 1 spoon, often draw 3 spoon, white sugar 4 spoon, salt 1 teaspoon, teaspoon of gourmet powder 1/2, ripe white sesame seed is optional

1, cut Niu Liu 3 centimeters of size, ply is 2 millimeter thick piece, use clear water bubble 1 hour, green Chinese onion is cut paragraph, ginger section reserves;

2, the exaggeration that uses handgrip ox sliced meat is squeezed dry, hematic water

is dropped need not. Put into the box, put green Duan Hejiang piece, enter cooking wine and 1/2 teaspoon salt, souse 30 minutes of;

3, dry chili is cut paragraph (can eat to need not cut) hotly not quite, the scale of dry chili and Chinese prickly ash is 1: 1;

4, will unripe smoke, often smoke, white sugar, salt of teaspoon of the rest 1/2, gourmet powder falls into the bowl smooth reserve;

5, oil is entered in boiler, wait for oil 5 when becoming heat, put chili and Chinese prickly ash, fry a fragrance, move Cheng Xiaohuo immediately, the bovine cutlet that falls to had bloated falls to break up fry, fry after giving many moisture, drop water;

6, the cutlet in continueing to fry pan with small fire, the cent that need water worked completely (this measure needs above) about 10 minutes, condiment juice falls into boiler, fry 3 minutes, wait for juice wraps condiment completely to go up in cutlet, without soup juice can give boiler in boiler, scatter ripe white sesame seed.

Jerk contraindication crowd

1, personage reducing weight is unfavorable eat more

The quantity of heat of jerk is opposite taller, and have certain adipose content, to reducing weight it is can little for the personage eat little.

2, old person child is unfavorable eat more

Jerk high cholesterol, and be a kind tall adipose food, the person with old people, children, so young digestion is unfavorable eat more.

3, long crowd of ill body empty is unfavorable edible

Digestion disease, disease of system of heart head blood-vessel, urology disease, contagious disease, facial features disease, patient of nerve sex disease is unfavorable eat jerk. The person that affects disease of sexual disease, liver, nephrosis careful feed.