Pumpkin congee ache slightly still can eat why does pumpkin congee have tart flavor

Generally speaking, food is in bad later it is to may appear acid, the pumpkin that if use,does not cross pumpkin congee is to do not have ripe, bring about ache slightly possibly also, because this everybody should clear up a reason,analyse pumpkin congee to still can be drunk again.

Can pumpkin congee ache slightl

y still eat

Want to treat specific condition, the ache slightly that if be pumpkin,brings about crudely is drinkable. Crudely pumpkin boils congee, mouthfeel small acid is normal, some people like to take sick at heart sweet the food of taste, can accept this kind of ache slightly, OK and normal edible, cannot accept this kind acid crowd, a few rock candy can be joined inside pumpkin congee after giving boiler or honey, after mix is even OK edible.

Why does pumpkin congee have tart flavor

1, pumpkin crudely

Fructose and fruit acid are contained at the same time in fresh pumpkin, the maturity of pumpkin is taller, fructose content is higher, fruit acid content is lower, after boiling congee, the mature pumpkin with fructose high concentration tastes can sweeter, after the pumpkin with fruit acerbity high concentration boils congee, tasting also is slightly of pantothenic acid.

2, pumpkin is degenerative

Also may pumpkin metamorphism causes pumpkin congee ache slightly, the ache slightly that if deteriorate,causes, want to stop edible, lest harm the body.

The practice of pumpkin congee

Feed capable person: Millet 100g, pumpkin 300g

1, pumpkin flay stripping and slicing, immerse 20 minutes with clear water after millet is abluent.

2, the water with right amount preparation, probably 500ml left and right sides, fall into electric rice cooker, when next millet boil 30 minutes of; to boil millet, hit pumpkin into mud with mixer.

3, pumpkin is joined to be boiled together after 30 minutes, continue to boil 15 minutes or so can, want among from time to time agitate one agitate, avoid to stick boiler.

Pumpkin chooses small tricks of the trade

1, have a kind of pumpkin old can one become white pink above, and feel with the hand, pink is stained with on the hand, such pumpkin is old, see the sort of pumpkin very hard now nevertheless, I eat that in one's childhood, it is natural green food, pure farmyard manure cultivates, especially sweet special face. After old pumpkin is opened, the flesh that feels pumpkin is very hard, the flesh of pumpkin becomes golden look character, color is deeper, maturity is taller, conversely, if color is light, prove maturity is insufficient. After old pumpkin is opened, pumpkin seed bead is full, open bead bead Dou Youren, such it is old pumpkin.

2, present pumpkin is golden color more the sort of, have long with the circle cent, with thumb the cortical and strong clutch pumpkin, if feel pumpkin cortical and special hard, such pumpkin is old, conversely, if one clutch defeats a skin, do not have mature pumpkin namely, mouthfeel is bad not sweet also. Hold pumpkin in the palm go up in the hand, go patting with another hand, if sound hair is frowsty, construction of sensory pumpkin interior is very strict solid, prove pumpkin maturity is tall.

Some 3 pumpkin are immature picked, put time is long also, hard to avoid will be hollow inside pumpkin, of pumpkin of that is to say inside valve is already sere, the flesh of pumpkin also had worked character, such pumpkin mouthfeel extreme difference, such such pumpkin is OK choosing, see the pumpkin like two size, the weigh in hand that use a hand one weigh in hand, if particularly a few lighter pumpkin, looking at color also is not especially other and even, also not be golden and golden the sort of, such pumpkin does not want to buy, mouthfeel extreme difference, not sweet do not say, the flesh of pumpkin is qualitative sere also. If have the pumpkin of same size, choose a heavy which, heavier pumpkin, maturity is better.