Chicken broth of the black that stew uses the method of cold water or chicken broth of black of hot water ginseng

A lot of people like to drink chicken broth very, among them black chicken broth is nutrient value to compare a kind of tall chicken broth, can wait for the collocation that feed capable person to wear with medlar, ginseng commonly boil together, so is chicken broth of the black that boil to use cold water or hot water?

Chicken broth of the black that stew uses cold water or hot water

The proposal is stewed with cold water it is better to boil.

A variety of nutrition material are contained in black chicken, if use cold water to stew,boil, can be the nutrient material in chicken better dissolve is entered in Shang Zhong, the flavour of such soup also is met if more delicious; is stewed with hot water directly boil, although can shorten,stew the time that boil, but the protein in black chicken also is met caky because of high temperature, nurture is qualitative hard oozy, can reduce the nutrient value of soup not only, and mouthfeel also can become poor.

The practice of ginseng black chicken broth

Advocate makings: Black bone chicken 2500 grams, pig ancon 500 grams, hen 1500 grams

Complementary makings: Ginseng 100 grams

Condiment: Salt 12 grams, yellow rice or millet wine 20 grams, green Chinese onion 15 grams, ginger 15 grams, gourmet powder 3 grams, pepper 2 grams


1, wool goes after black bone chicken and hen butcher, with boiling water Shang Yi falls, go wool, behead claw, go first, go splanchnic, give water;

2, ginseng washs clean; with Wen Shui

3, pig ancon is blown with the knife wash clean, give water;

4, green is cut paragraph, ginger section reserves;

5, on fire of flourishing of earthenware pot buy, add clear water, put ancon of hen, pig, onion paragraph, Jiang Pian, cast aside after boil go float foam, small fire stews; slow

6, to hen and pig ancon 5 into when rotting, join black bone chicken and person to stew; together

7, flavor with refined salt, cooking wine, gourmet powder, pepper, to chicken crisp sodden can.

How does black chicken broth look to had been stewed

1. Wen Yiwen

If black chicken broth has been stewed, can h

ave trail of very apparent bright fragrance taste, appetite making a person is big brace up; if black chicken broth stews the time that boil insufficient, aroma will be not quite full-bodied.

2. jab one jab

If cannot decide whether black chicken broth has been stewed, can use a chopstick gently stamp black chicken, if very easy can if stamp goes in, state black chicken is already soft sodden, if be compared with chicken of chopstick jab black,black chicken broth also has stewed; hard, have apparent block up feeling, express to still need to continue to stew boil.

Drink the advantage of black chicken broth

1. fights consenescence to fight cancer. Black chicken contains Selenium of vitamin A, microelement and melanin, these elements can be cleared the freedom inside body base, rise to defy anile result, still can restrain the growth of cancer cell.

2. treats menstruation to be not moved. Many iron element is contained in black chicken, have enrich the blood very well the effect oh, mother also also need not fear I have anaemia. The tube that menstruation does not move eats black chicken broth many a little bit to still can obtain remedial result.

Of bar of 3. nourishing bar. The nutrient element content in black chicken is rich, it is high protein low feed capable person adiposely, person of long chicken eating crow more spirit, because black chicken is contained,contain DHA and EPA, little baby ate more quick-witted oh.

4. enhances immune power. The amino acerbity sort in black chicken is more, can enhance power of human body immunity via often be being drunk with black chicken stew.