Green mango is done not have ripe ate the meeting is toxic Qing Mang incision is too unripe how to do

Green mango is had ripe be not quite good resolution actually, because this brings about very much person to be bought,do not have ripe mango, even some of person dissectioned to just know Qing Mang is done not have ripe, so ate to do not have ripe Qing Mang can toxic?

Green mango is done not have ripe ate the meeting is toxic

Generally speaking ate to do not have ripe green mango to be not met toxic, but a few crow

ds appear easily allergic circumstance.

Poisonous part is not contained in doing not have ripe green mango, won’t cause toxic. But aldehydic acid material is contained in immature mango, the person of a few original easy allergy, after eating not ripe mango, the food element in meeting general mango regards immune system as ab extra bacteria (namely antigen) , produce allergic reaction, occurrence rash of skin of ministry of occurrence lip strut, face, Sao is urticant wait for a symptom.

Black beard incision is too unripe how to do

Method one: Qing Mang flay goes nucleus, cut silk or lump, install dish. Next ordinal join pink of salt, chili and white sugar to mix divide evenly, can edible.

Method 2: Blueness moves white sugar edible directly after awn stripping and slicing.

Attention: Unripe mango eats much can acerbity tooth, and also can stimulate hydrochloric acid in gastric juice to secrete, because of this tooth the person with bad, bad stomach also had better not eat.

How does green mango choose

1. sees figure

To the mango of most breed, of circle or sufficient globose condition should compare compressed good.

2. sees fruit the base of a fruit

Before mango is mature, one aspect of the matter of fruit the base of a fruit can become quite even. In-house pulp, fruit juice and candy still do not have complete maturity. Once mango is finished,grow, after maturity, pulp should be very plump, ministry of fruit the base of a fruit should slightly protuberant, is not compressed.

3. is judged through odour

The person’s taste and smell are close tie, and the taste that the odour of something also affects it greatly. Wen Yiwen has sweet smell all round Guodi. If have powerful fruit sweet, you can associate to the sweet smell of mango immediately. The mango that has sweet smell of so sweet fruit matured normally.

How does Qing Mang bloat

The first pace

Clean green mango clean, cut the skin except, also need not husk of course, but if do not husk must clean clean, had better join a few fruits to clean an agent, if saving a skin, mouthfeel has a kind of sweet fragile feeling. Wash reentry clean to dissection all right, nuclear take out, cut piece. Attention, cutting a short while also is to have cultured, thin mouthfeel of very can soft influence, when too thick word souse very difficult tasty also can affect mouthfeel, it is OK that ply difference is not controlled in half centimeters.

The 2nd pace

Join a small salt, saline capacity is decided according to the quantity of green mango, about the same OK, because add salt to have mix even, basically be to want purify a few acidity, still have even if take leather word, can purify a few acerbity flavour, souse time is controlled ten minutes almost. When souse is good, want a briny take out.

The 3rd pace

Add vinegar of a bit edible and right amount saccharin, in mango is being put again after dissolving, undertake pulling mixing even, even hind the white sugar with right amount rejoin, mix of travel of the reentry after joining is even, with acid sweet it is advisable to spend moderate.

The 4th pace

The mouthfeel after green mango souse should be refrigerated ability is much better, after so above measure working procedure has been done, put freezer to undertake refrigerating arriving two hours, take again when cold storage piece mix, can edible.