Qing Mang cannot eat Qing Mang together with what what person cannot eat

Qing Mang is the intertropical fruit with very high value of a kind of nutrition, it is a kind when belong to mango, a lot of people like to eat particularly, black nevertheless beard still has a lot of contraindication when eat, detailed knowledge comes along to fall below.

Qing Mang cannot eat together with what

1. is easy the food that causes allergy

Some is contained to send quick sex albumen, pectic, aldehydic acid in mango, produce stimulation easily to cause allergy thereby to skin mucous membrane, and the allergic composition proportion in doing not have mature green mango is higher, if mix,the food that causes allergy easily eats together, the possibility that causes allergy will be exceedingly tall, because this does not suggest commonly,such collocation eat.

2. seafood

Black beard contains many vitamin C part in fruit, and tervalent arsenic material is contained in seafood, the toxicant that be in and 5 price arsenic can generate after vitamin C is contacted is qualitative, the poisonous toxicant in although the likelihood wants to eat on hundreds of jins green mango and seafood to just can arise,making a person is qualitative, but cause liver to injure to avoid minim toxicant to be accumulated character, still avoid to be fed together as far as possible usually had better.

What person cannot eat Qing Mang

1. allergic constitution person

If be allergic constitution person, do not suggest to eat directly. Because mango itself contains the sensitizer of certain amount, hard green mango specification did not mature, the proportion of allergic material composition inside is higher, allergic constitution person edible can cause allergy probably. Additional, resemble asthmatic crowd, also want to avoid as far as possible.

Is 2. fond of the person that is acid fed?

Most horniness green mango, it is more acerbity, acid is contained inside kind composition is more, the tooth is accordingly bad, the crowd that is afraid of acid, also had better not eat, the experience is bad, the proposal puts green mango ripe eat again.

Qing Mang’s effect

1. prevents constipation

Mango is the fruit of content of a kind of tall fiber, can increase the peristalsis that bowel, clear alvine path, can effective precaution constipation.

2. bright eye

The many vitamin A that contains in mango besides can effective moist skin, still have positive effect to eyesight, what because contain some β among them,carotene can assure yellow spot of eye eye ground is normal, make eye eyesight better.

How does Qing Mang choose

Mai Qingmang should carry the extensive in blueness to fizzle out, hold rise appreciably softish, the black beard maturity of this kind of color and hardness is tall, taste won’t have acerb taste.

Must choose mango fuller, fruity, not soft not hard, what color fizzles out is sterling, fragrance is old far can smell, those who do not have stain (flecked is rotted from inside) , sniff scent, choose about 8 minutes ripe, pu

t 9 days squashy can eat, buy the squashy mango that eats namely, can visit the root department of mango, should be very relaxed, did not give water, at the same time skin also cannot pursy, the sort of water portion had been done not have.