What to eat how is dew of grandma of Chinese flowering quince of sago of can clear hot reduce internal heat done

When our get angry should reduce internal heat, can be recuperated when not severe suffer from excessive internal heat with objective, so what to eat can clear hot reduce internal heat, sago Chinese flowering quince suckles dew how to had been done, will look below.

What to eat can clear hot reduce internal heat?

1, gram?

Gram is a kind of very common legume in the life, although common, but its nu

trition value also is very tall, contain a lot ofa variety of vitamins and mineral. In addition, gram is the food with very good summer, gram syrup can the effect that the mouth has solution hot weather again, can accelerate the metabolization inside human body, eduction toxin. ?

2, wax gourd?

Wax gourd also is a kind of very common melon kind vegetable, economic material benefit, it is common dish. Wax gourd is OK and antiphlogistic subsidence of a swelling, still have diuretic effect. In summertime edible, can have the effect of the clear hot weather that heat up solution. ?

3, cucumber?

Cucumber is very common also feed capable person, can eat raw already, OK also make it dish. Having fall igneous Qing Dynasty is hot, diuresis stops thirsty action. ?

4, watermelon?

Watermelon is season fruit of the summer, gan Tian is juicily, it is the beautiful fruit of the clear hot weather that heat up solution, have " the king of midsummer " good name.

Sago Chinese flowering quince suckles dew how to be done

Practice: First sago abluent, the leach that use Qing Dynasty makes an appointment with 1 hour, air water reserves; Papaya flay and dig go flesh seed, cut small, extract papaya juice with juicer, reserve; Rock candy dolly, add bright milk, slow fire boils heat to dissolve completely to rock candy. After joining sago to be boiled slightly 3 minutes, juice of rejoin Chinese flowering quince, mix divide evenly flameout, can heat up feed, yi Ke is waited for cold hind, put snow cabinet, refrigerant and junior feed. ?

Nutrition: Papaya contains rich vitamin A and C, protein and mineral etc. Bright eye Qing Dynasty is heated up, go bowel is hot, know the effect of defecate.


Can clear hot reduce internal heat drink honeysuckle tea

Possible, honeysuckle bubble is washed, hawkthorn is abluent and mincing, chrysanthemum is cleaned out clean, put bowl inside, infuse clear water, burn boil with slow fire, boil 30 minutes about, drop gives medical juice. Filter with gauze go broken bits is cooling, finally honey slowly be used as medicine inside juice, mix divide evenly. Honeysuckle tea has clear hot relieve internal heat or fever, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid the curative effect of moisten the respiratory tract.

Do 3 beautiful cool and refreshing tea suit clear hot reduce internal heat

This medicine tea spends composition by 3 kinds, it is Hang Baiju, mother chrysanthemum and honeysuckle respectively, these raw material can be bought in the supermarket. This medicine tea has clear hot detoxify, smooth liver bright purpose effect, appropriate female is drinkable. Suit the summer to drink particularly.