The egg of practice fermented glutinous rice of egg of fermented glutinous rice suits what person to eat

Egg of fermented glutinous rice is a kind of very common provision in our life, it is to use rice wine and egg, nutrient value is very high, having very good nourishing effect to a few special crowds, so, is the right way of egg of fermented glutinous rice what kind of?

The practice of egg of fermented glutinous rice

Prepare data: Fermented glutinous rice 3 big spoon, egg 1, clear water right amount, brown sugar end of right amount, ginger 1 teaspoon.

Practice measure:

1, brown sugar, ginger is joined in rolling water, hit into the egg next, accordingly can flameout.

2, in containing egg and boiling water the bowl, put fermented glutinous rice can edible.

Egg of fermented glutinous rice suits what person to eat

Suit edible of great majority person, suit a puerpera especially.

1, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the puerpera is giving birth to big bad news of the courage and uprightness when the child, strain of in relief fluid, drink egg of fermented glutinous rice to be able to enrich the blood a gas, stimulative blood arteries and veins is current, courage and uprightness of the whole body of take good care of sb, the body after avoiding to produce enrages blood two empty,

2, drink egg of fermented glutinous rice to be able to help a puerpera hibernate, can prevent postpartum and articulatory ache a

lready, dysmenorrhoea invigorate the circulation of blood, can lukewarm filling taste, can promote lactescence.

3, because egg of fermented glutinous rice contains carbohydrate to change mellow element, be natural hormonal, have breast enhancement effect, conduce to puerpera bosom development.

Eat egg of fermented glutinous rice to have what profit

1, the effect such as skin of annulus of heat of disappear of lukewarm cold filling empty, life-giving recover from fatigue, satisfy one's thirst, stimulative blood, embellish.

2, Ganxinwen, contain candy, organic acid, vitamin B1, B2 to wait, but beneficial gas, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, invigorate the circulation of blood, medicinal powder knot, detumescence. Egg of fermented glutinous rice not only benefit at detumescence of water of pregnant woman benefit, woman of applicable also lactation is urged breed and connect breast, still have very good breast enhancement effect. Before menstruation comes, morning and evening each bowl, with one action is counted.

3, enrich the blood invigorate the circulation of blood, raise a heart to calm the nerves, medicinal powder knot detumescence.

4, Gan Tianfang of fermented glutinous rice is mellow, can stimulate the exudation of digestive gland, stomachic, peptic.

The egg cannot eat together with what

1 egg cannot drink soya-bean milk to eat together. Although soya-bean milk follows an egg to contain a lot ofprotein, but will tell from the angle of scientific food, soya-bean milk cannot be fed together with the egg. Because give birth to the trypsin stayer in soya-bean milk to be able to restrain the active with human body enzymatic albumen, the agglutinant albumen in egg egg white can follow the trypsin couple in soya-bean milk, block up is decomposed proteinly, reduce protein absorptivity, cause nutrient loss, affect protein to be mixed in the assimilation inside human body thereby absorb.

2 eggs cannot eat together with saccharin. The fructose that because saccharin can make the amino acid in egg protein is formed,is absorbed not easily by human body base the combinative other people of lysine, cause undesirable reaction easily toxic even.

3 eggs cannot eat together with meat of goose, rabbit. Because egg Gan Ping is small cold, the flesh such as rabbit meat kind Gan Han acid is cold, material of active of a few biology can produce both and embedded some reaction, spur talk of intestines and stomach, cause diarrhoea thereby.

4 eggs cannot be mixed antiphlogistic piece eat together. When inflammation breaks out, have the inflammation that the enteron disease of diarrhoea symptom causes especially, after ten million cannot eat an egg, take medicine. Because the egg contains rich protein, the protein burden that digests bowel of can aggravating stomach, affect the medical effect of antiphlogistic medicine, cause an internal feud finally two conflicting.