Ben Simmons roasts Hawks in 'PUBG' stream with Karl-Anthony Towns

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Ben Simmons streamed himself playing “PUBG” Tuesday night on Twitch, and fellow NBA star Karl-Anthony Towns dropped in for a bit.

“PUBG” is a multiplayer online action game, and Simmons was having some fun chatting with fans and KAT. At one point in the stream, he called out a commenter who said Simmons should be practicing instead of playing video games, to which the 76ers rookie replied, “You can’t f—ing practice all day.”

Another fun moment came when he told Towns he should hop on and play with him. Simmons asked who KAT is playing Tuesday, and he responded with the Hawks, to which Simmons joked, “You’ve got plenty of time.”

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Everyone enjoyed the joke, and the Hawks even chimed in with a response.

KAT, who is an avid gamer himself, ended up not playing with Simmons.