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 Login register Japan of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to show " list of morning sun death " " morning sun news " do 100 reporters browbeat origin: ? Qu Xian?2014-09-18 09:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Because comfort,report of nuclear power plant of island of the problem that install Fu, blessing is immersed in what sign up for the crisis by accident " morning sun news " encountered dead menace suspicion in one's mind again recently, even more 100 morning suns are currently held the post ofand predecessor reporter publishs list of a death, according to saying " morning sun news " handling this one incident gravely.

Data chart: " morning sun news " reject Right deviation.

According to Japan " Tokyo sports " 17 days of reports, japan is pushed get on to appeared recently especially " morning sun news " reporter death list. Doubt is like the man that sends post person to appeal the reporter in killing list and family member on the net, if the word of these people sees beside,act. Listed in this list " morning sun news " the name of 125 reporters, outside dividing numerous backbone reporter, still have currently hold the post ofchancellery of Japanese law Wu loose island is green (ever was " morning sun news " reporter) , inside the morning sun the ministry causes panicky mood. After a reporter that responsible sumo match reports discovers he is included dead list, pushing go up especially issue letter of ask for help, say to experience person risk. This reporter expresses, this death list lets him associate case 1987 " morning sun news " reporter of agency of slope god branch by shoot dead incident, watch of this fair development is promoting the death that goes up especially premonitory, not be OK absolutely laughed problem. The report says, when this death list appears on the net at first, name killing list, hair post person says abusively on the net later, use kill one word can let a person think by accid

ent " morning sun news " company reporter can be counted to be a person, its then instead reduces bug drive list.

Many sound that condemn roll producer appear on Japanese net, the netizen says dead list is terroristic menace. But also a bit of a few netizens does not conceal the mood that is hostile to a morning sun to say, (Morning sun) not appropriative victim is dead not reconciled to

" Tokyo sports " say, " morning sun news " since will recall to be done in woman of Asia of the impress in World War II about the Japanese army this year in August comfort the partial report that brings Fu, be censured after making undeserved report to accident of blessing island nuclear power plant, get inside Japan numerous and critically and censure, be hostile to revengeful incident repeatedly. Car of the doorplate that the company parts in its Osaka abundant, parking lot is destroyed, threaten menace also appears in succession.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

 Login register Suo Luosi of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian one room two send spank of exasperate antecedent person the top: of next its Acousticon origin? This ┩ Piao?2014-02-10 09:2Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Suo Luosi of financial gigantic alligator (data chart)

After front courtyard careful ends, feileier is left with lawyer Beisiluo the face took smile ground to leave a courtroom

"One room two give " exasperate antecedent person

According to the report, the finance that be tall of 83 years old of senile finance gigantic alligator, billionaire to treat · Suo Luosi is global widely known fries the home, 20 old before with " snipe pound " become famous overnight achieve instant fame. Basis " Forbes " magazine the rank 2012, suo Luosi is the 7th wealthy person of American, individual fortune reachs 22 billion dollar. It is reported, the A of all alone Luo Siceng and his predecessor cummer, soap opera female star that is Brazilian book of 30 years old Delianna Feileila is in love be as long as 5 years, but Suoluosi loves another person however later, the 3rd as current as him wife -- the much beauty that is 42 years old child · rich Er spreads out amour suddenly, two people married finally in September 2013.

2011, the Fei Lei that is abandoned by S

uoluosi extremely pulls one paper indictment to tell Suoluosi the court, accuse Suoluosi is inobservant " the acceptance of love " , not was located in on Manhadu east city value the apartment of 1.9 million dollar, the acceptance before pressing sends him, gave however " new sweetheart " -- much beauty child · rich Er pauses. For this, court of requirement of the Er that expend thunder sentences Suoluosi to compensate for his 50 million dollar.

Fierce slap alls alone on the court Ross head

According to be in at that time the Xin Ge of fourth · of horse of counsel for the defence of the Suoluosi of the spot announces the exposure in a report at 7 days, antecedent person of Suoluosi had lost control under choler of Fei Lei Er at that time, she screams aloud with bad language to Suoluosi, next, feileier is in " below the circumstance that is without early-warning " , flying body attacked to all alone Luo Simeng, forward head fierce slap of Suoluosi spank. Because expend this one force of thunder Er,move comes too too abrupt, was without the Suoluosi that guard against to be hit by her wearing, whole person was hit to cheat.

Occupy lawyer Xin Ge to be announced in the report, feileier's hand is hit on Suoluosi's head heavily, get on his ear to be being worn originally use at audio Acousticon gives all round enlarge destroyed. After the accident, feileier is held in arms desperately before lawyer Xin Ge rushs rapidly, lest she makes more and ultra conduct.

Lawyer Xin Ge describes so in the report: "I just unlocked her arm, ms. Feileier goes up toward my face instantly fan an a slap on the face, hit my glasses flew. Catch her forward I am developed in the glasses on the floor by fetch down, look her to prepare start to come it seems that its tread down. I am forced to hold her double arm again, pull her to the place that is far from my glasses. But when the arm that unlocks her when me, she begins day afresh again my brandish fist, try to beat up me. " Xin Ge says, when another assistant when the fore part on Qiaoshen Sangtuosi is busy, latter also was admired by Feileier remember a slap on the face, crus was kicked by her one foot.

According to divulging, feileier can become angry on the court, because the court does not allow the cameraman that she brings to make a pledge to Suoluosi,be the process of attest undertakes filming. And the Bei Siluo of lawyer Williams · when him Feileier agreed with a court later after this one requirement, she abreacts fury to go up personally to lawyer Beisiluo even, fierce hammer of Chao Jishuang arm. Nevertheless, after front courtyard careful end

s, feileier and him lawyer Beisiluo two people become reconciled again, in pairs face took smile ground to leave a courtroom.

On one page reads related indication full text of 12 one page: The Luosibafeite that conduct search casts client of T+D of blank silver-colored China to exclamation be made fun of 21 recently listen " Suoluosimen apprentice " talk

Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

Malaysia plane is missing latest news: CNN report says, the plane of a Vietnam that rescue has been in Mal

aysia and d
iscovery of maritime space of Vietnam have a common boundary are smeary with the fragment.

According to associated press report, plane of Vietnam air force discovers two lard mark is taken, the airliner of Malaysia aviation MH370 that authorities suspects to this and 8 days of before dawn lose connection is concerned. The statement that reports cite Vietnam government says, belt of these two oil stains is discovered in Vietnam south, two oil stains take length to be between 10-15 kilometer. Vietnam government still says, the float oil of discovery and the sort of MH370 airliner fuel that break couplet are consistent.

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Report will occupy China Daily net on September 16 report of Han couplet company, local time 16 days morning 10 when make 20 minutes, be located in Korea to celebrate Shang Beidao riv

erside the field of training of cast of Marine Corps grenade of Wu Chuanyi of the area austral city produces grenade explosion accident, cause 1 person death, 2 people are injured.

That day, example training Piao Mou of 19 years old and another training weapons are in below the guidance of v/arc drillmaster when t

he training that undertakes cast grenade, the grenade in the hand explodes suddenly, bring about wrist of its right hand to rupture, the v/arc drillmaster on the side and example training are hit by the fragment. 3 people are sent toward the hospital to accept treatment, dan Piao some because the condition of an injury is serious, afternoon 4 when 25 minutes of Xubuzhi die. Additional two people are accepting an operation, of short duration is at present insensate dangerous.

Marine Corps respect expresses, the one place in the fosse of 6 safe channel that Piao Mou and v/arc drillmaster enter grenade training field together undertakes training, when by v/arc drillmaster when Piao Mou the directive prepares cast grenade, grenade explodes suddenly.

The army is investigating specific accident matter, because grenade has exploded, whether to because this finds out this grenade very hard,put in blemish.


In report will occupy new network on November 26 Canada " astral island daily " report, lin Jun of Chinese student studying abro

ad is decided 24 days to end formerly by dismemberment case trial, but judge declare must be delayed to careful of 25 days of add.

Judge Noah stalking or branch (Guy Cournoyer) points to on front courtyard, concerned lawyer fails to continue to interrogate, the jury that comprises by 14 people can retreat front courtyard to come home, 25 days in the morning careful of return court add.

Magenuoda is accused one degree murder and additionally 4 accusation, he admits to control a crime, but in order to commit murder when crackbrained for reject to admit one's guilt. Two psychiatrists attest shows the accused is in mental condition at that time, fail to differentiate dispute, check accuses an official to point to plan of the accused classics and intended be found out and brought to justice.

Equestrian case Nuo amounts to accusation to include n

ot to handle a body validly, issue disgust segment, mail disgust object threatens other, and criminal annoys member of parliament of etc of Canadian premier Harper.