LeBron James and Adam Sandler are teaming up for Netflix film

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Nothing but Net(flix).

NBA superstar LeBron James and cinema star Adam Sandler are reportedly teaming up for a James-produced Netflix film titled "Hustle," per Collider. The film is currently helmed by Jeremiah Zagar, a critically acclaimed indie film director.

Per Collider, Sandler is set to play a basketball scout who discovers a streetball phenom in a foreign country. Originally, the country was expected to be China, but given escalating tensions between the NBA and China after Rockets GM Darryl Morey's comments on Chinese affairs in October, the plan likely changed.

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It's the latest in a long line of docuseries and film projects that James is involved in, including "I Promise" and a forthcoming documentary surrounding the 2017 Houston Astros and their sign-stealing scandal.

Sandler is coming off his critically acclaimed role in "Uncut Gems," in which he plays a New York City diamond district jeweler with a penchant for gambling. He starred alongside former NBA great Kevin Garnett, who also put forth a surprisingly good on-screen effort. Sandler is also a well-known hoops savant and Knicks fan, often including basketball in many of his on-screen performances.

James f

amously selected LA in part for his post-career activities, which includes his production company. He has a full schedule off the court, as he's involved in "Space Jam 2" and a host of other series being produced by SpringHill Entertainment.

Maybe LeBron and Sandler can get James Harden for some acting lessons?