Pete Rose says he’d vote for Bonds and Clemens

Baseball Steroid Era players such as Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens are being boxed out of the Hall of Fame by voters and may never get in, something Pete Rose knows a little about.As a player, Rose went to 17 All-Star games and set the all-time mark with 4,256 hits. After his retirement, he accepted a lifetime ban from Major League Baseball after it concluded he bet on games while he was the manager of the Reds. MORE: Disgraced athletes | could learn from College FB Hall | Worst Hall of FamersRose has been outspoken about his desire to be enshrined in the Hall of Fame, but like Bonds and Clemens, that likely won’t happen anytime soon. On Tuesday, Rose took a break from his cause to campaign for legendary players linked to performance-enhancing drugs. “Would I vote for Roger Clemens? You’re damn right I would. Would I vote for Barry Bonds ? You’re damn right I would. These guys are seven-time MVPs, seven-time Cy Young Award winner(s),” Rose told Reuters .After Rose, 73, was banned from the game in 1989, he denied the betting allegations for 15 years before admitting guilt in 2004. Since then, Rose has said he’s no longer bitter and blames only himself.MORE: Are fans coming around on Bonds, Clemens? | Schilling blames politics for snub | Problems not all the fault of writers”For every player in his or her sport, the ultimate goal is to get into the Hall of Fame. But I’m the one who screwed up. If I’m ever given a second chance … I’d be the happiest guy in the world,” Rose said.That second chance could happen since Rob Manfred is set to succeed Bud Selig as commissioner Saturday. Selig refused to overturn the suspension handed down by former commissioner Bart Giamatti.”I don’t know Mr. Manfred,” Rose said. “I’d say congratulations to Bud (Selig) for the job he did, and wish Mr. Manfred nothing but success in carrying on what Bud was trying to do to bring fans to the ballpark.”But before Rose is legitimately considered for the Hall of Fame, he first wants to be part of this year’s All-Star Game, which will be hosted by the Reds at Great American Ball Park.”The

ballgame will be played on Pete Rose Way,” Rose said in reference to the street perpendicular to the stadium. “”I’d be the happiest guy in the world if I’m involved in some way along with . . . all the other guys on the Big Red Machine (the Reds’ championship teams of the 1970s).”