Chicago mayor will give championship rings to Jackie Robinson West

Baseball Chicago-based Little League team Jackie Robinson West had its U.S. title stripped, but that won't stop Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel from giving the players championship rings.The Chicago Sun Times is reporting the mayor plans to hold a ceremony at a City Council hearing next month. The mayor plans to present the kids of Jackie Robinson West their title rings at the ceremony. “Mayor Emanuel believes it is unfair for the organization to have punished the children who did nothing wrong,” said a source to the Times.According to the Times, Emanuel sought private donors shortly after the team won the title. The rings were already scheduled to come in so the mayor is just finishing out his plans to give every player their ring. “These young men demonstrated tremendous character both on and off the field, and Chicago will honor them as the champions they are,” Emanuel said. “​The memories

they created will last a lifetime, and so will the championship rings they have earned.”The Chicago mayor isn't the only person to stick up for the kids of Jackie Robinson West. Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen recently wrote an article on the issue.