A-Rod still considers Posada 'a friend' despite steroid, Hall comments

Baseball Alex Rodriguez still considers Jorge Posada a friend, despite the former Yankees catcher's comments about A-Rod's steroids use and Hall of Fame worthiness, according to The Journal News .“I have nothing bad to say about Jorgie," Rodriguez said Wednesday. "I have nothing but good things to say about Jorgie. He was a great player and a good teammate and we won a championship in ’09 together.” MORE: Posada 'hurt' by Yankees' actions | A-Rod's act of kindness  | Yanks' World Series oddsA-Rod's response came after Posada,  on "CBS This Morning"  earlier in the day to promote his new book, was asked if he resented players who didn't play clean and achieved records he didn't. "Yeah," Posada said. "You know, the only thing that I can think is 2003. You know, I was close to the MVP. Didn't happen. Alex won the MVP and, you know … I was almost there. You know what could’ve happened if, you know, it's tough. It's really tough."The conversation then turned to Rodriguez and Roger Clemens, both former teammates of Posada who were known to be cheating. Asked if they should be allowed in the Hall of Fame, the five-time All Star was blunt:

 "No. I don't think it's fair for the guys that have been in the Hall of Fame that played the game clean."He was then asked specifically about Rodriguez."Yeah. I don't think it's fair. I really don't," Posada said. "I think the guys that need to be in the Hall of Fame need to be a player that played with no controversy."For the most part, The Journal News noted, Rodriguez appears to have been embraced throughout , and his current teammates seem to have accepted him with no problems after his season-long suspension for PED use.“I’ve been so humbled by the response I’ve gotten, not only from my current teammates but from former teammates,” Rodriguez said. “The support that I’ve had is overwhelming and I just feel extremely grateful.”Eventually A-Rod and Posada, who said the two had never discussed the issue, will be at Yankee Stadium at the same time (Posada's No. 20 will be retired later this season). Rodriguez said he will not find that inevitable encounter to be awkward.“No, not at all,” he said. “Jorge is a friend. We’ll keep it simple. Keep it light.”