Cardinals remind rest of NL Central who's the boss

The Cardinals have won the National League Central 10 times in the 20 years the division has existed. So St. Louis decided to use its throwback-style 2015 scorecard to remind the rest of the division members who rules the roost (it’s the Cardinals).We’re loving this year’s Official Scorecard! Pick up yours at #OpeningDaySTL or at any home game this season.— St. Louis Cardinals (@Cardinals) April 13, 2015That’s actually pretty cool, and it’s certainly factual. But the scorecard is bound to rub some people the wrong way because, well, it’s the Cardinals. Rubbing some people the wrong way is what the Cardinals do. That and win division titles. The best part, though, is the upper right corner: “Learn to Score the ‘Cardinal Way.’ “Here’s some reaction, much of it positive: There is a thing in the Cardinals scor

ecard that says “Learn to score the Cardinal Way.” Never been a more self-important organization— FullCountTommy (@FullCountTommy) April 13, 2015The Front Cover of This Year’s St. Louis Cardinals Scorecard is Absolutely Fantastic:— SABR Media Committee (@MediaSABR) April 13, 2015Hate to admit it, but that is a pretty great scorecard.— Ryan Atkinson (@ryandatkinson) April 13, 2015I actually like what the Cardinals did for their scorecard, gotta trash talk a bit. I’m sure the other NLC teams (ahem #Cubs) will respond.— Rice Cube (@CubicSnarkonia) April 13, 2015Wow, really?!? RT @BestFansStLouis: Cardinals 2015 Official Scorecard:— Michael (@STLMetsFan5) April 13, [email protected] actually that’s pretty cool (sees upper right) urge to kill rising…— rob fordtwenty (@packman_jon) April 13, 2015Puking Brewer. Empty-handed Pirate. RT @Cardinals This year’s Official Scorecard! Pick up yours at #OpeningDaySTL.— Drew Silva (@drewsilv) April 13, 2015Boy do I hate the Cardinals – but I love the cover of this scorecard. The @Braves should do an NL East one.— Fletcher Keel (@FletchTopper) April 13, 2015As if I needed another reason to hate the Cardinals. This is their official scorecard..— WhenClarkMetAddison (@ClarkMetAddison) April 13, 2015