Chickenpox virus invades Royals clubhouse, infects two players

Baseball Most folks get the chickenpox virus out of the way at a young age, but Kansas City Royals stars Kelvin Herrera and Alex Rios are battling the sickness down the homestretch of the season.The Kansas City Star reported Herrera and Rios each left the team over the weekend during a road trip to play the Tampa Bay Rays to fly home to Kansas City to have their chickenpox diagnosis confirmed. Each is expected to miss two weeks. MORE: 10 greatest Royals players everThe Royals think Rios was the first infected. They chartered a private flight for him to Kansas City on Saturday just hours before Herrera showed up to the field Sunday with the same symptoms. He was quarantined and sent home. The Royals traded for Jonny Gomes on Monday with Rios’ return to the club in question, and welcomed Alex Gordon back from the disabled list Tuesday. They hope September roster expansion will make up for the absence of

Herrera, a 2015 All-Star selection.Team trainers are questioning the remainder of the roster regarding their chickenpox history.“They need to make sure that everybody else on their team is immune, either having had chickenpox before, or having gotten the vaccine,” trainer Nick Harpaz told The Star. “And they should clearly quarantine the person who is infectious from the others.”