British the Labour Party will in September election new party chieftain already had 4 people to announce contend

In report will occupy new network on May 15 outside intermediary report, england is the biggest opposition the Labour Party holds party chieftain election on September 12, up to now at least 4 people announce contend party chieftain one duty.

After the Labour Party suffers a defeat in the general election last week, take the blame of heart of class of benefit

of party chieftain rice resigns. This party executive council says, the nomination job of election new party chieftain will end on June 15.

Current, of the Labour Party nurse Kendall of as female as old person general affairs spokesman (Liz Kendall) , and Wumuna of commercial work spokesman (Chuka Umunna) already announced to participate; Wholesome spokesman Bainamu (the obtain employment before Andy Burnham) is mixed and annuities minister Gu Qihui (Yvette Cooper) is in Zhou San (13 days) announce to participate; Educational spokesman Hunter (Tristram Hunt) also asks vessel party chieftain throne of purpose it seems that.

At present bookmaker most the Wumuna that values 36 years old. If be elected, have the Wumuna of Nigeria and Irish blood relationship, will become first leader England a few a group of things with comm

on features descendants of a main political party. But his person that criticize thinks his experience is scant, because he is in only,get on congress was entered after general election 2010.

After the election suffers a defeat, interior of the Labour Party is in what adopt in general election to enter into an election contest to them politic, it is too left after all not quite left still launched a debate. Er of premier cloth Lai reachs the proponent of its middle-of-the-roader new the Labour Party before, sharp attack Milibande's election is politic.

In the general election May 7, the Conservative Party that British premier blocks Mei Lun to lead wins commons the 331 banquet in 650 seat in a legislature. Before choosing, be thought to support the Labour Party with rate and well_matched the Conservative Party, win 232 seat only.