The United States sues response of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of 6 China citizen with economic spy blame

Login register United States of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to sue Ministry of Foreign Affairs of 6 China citizen to respond to origin: with economic spy blame? ?2015-05-20 17:3 of  of Tun hesitating guestEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 8 Http:// channel

Should Mu Xiding of Malaysia Vice Prime Minister invites, brave of State Consul king will reach 28 sunrise Xi Dongmeng area on May 24 forum provides disaster relief the 4th times the activity visits Malaysia related maneuver.

Hong Lei of spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs chairs routine press conference

Alliance area forum is Asia-Pacific area is had east main force and include safe dialog of the gender and cooperative

mechanism, maneuver providing disaster relief is the admiral project that collaboration of traditional and safe domain is not below forum frame, biennially is held. This second maneuver is sponsorred by China and Malaysia combination, it is China goes to abroad to sponsor large-scale the army and the people to combine practice providing disaster relief first, 9 branches such as ministry of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, department of defense, civil administration will expedite about 600 people to enter practice. Outside dividing two countries of medium, horse, east alliance area forum is other member and east ginseng of the member that the international such as alliance, U.N. and area organization also will be sent acts, predicting ginseng performs total number to make an appointment with 2000 people.

Ask: American confederative inquisitor prosecutes 6 China citizen with economic spy blame. Do you have He Ping to talk to this? Additional, if just cooperate to investigate this case in beautiful square requirement, send the concerned personnel in home to American adjudgement, how will just respond to in?

Answer: Chinese government is deeply concerned badly to concerning situation, understanding concerned situation further. Chinese government will ensure Chinese citizen interacts to just when rights and interests is not damaged,be killed mediumly in Sino-US personnel.

Ask: According to media coverage, remote army high level expressed a few days ago, the remote square artillery shell that will happen on May 14 sends Chinese people living on the frontiers to get hurt incident, be not remote government army place is, however courageous and resolute armed organization intent destroys two countries relationship. Is there just He Ping to talk to this in?

Answer: In square already square artillery shell of nearby day remote sends Chinese people living on the frontiers to get hurt Xiang Mianfang puts forward solemn and just bargaining, requirement remote just launchs serious and full-scale investigation with respect to incident, and Xiang Zhongfang makes the specification that bear the blame, take cogent and significant step, put an end to this kind of incident to happen again, appease a got-up affair as soon as possible, area of border of the remote in restoring is normal order. Remote just expresses to make Xiang Zhongfang formal feedback, founder awaits remote Founder type to report in.

Ask: Recently, green peace organization is sent the section just is concerned in the letter, enterprise of deep-sea fishing of reflective part China hides the truth from the problem such as newspaper fisher tonnage in existence of West Africa country. Is there just He Ping to talk to th

is in?

Answer: Chinese government always asks Chinese enterprise is in, in beginning process of classics trade collaboration with African country especially strict and abide by the law manage, be apt to uses up social responsibility, go with real operation carry out correct justice profit outlook.

As we have learned, government of China of relevant fisher classics and into fishing country approval works in West Africa maritime space, fisher certificate place carried tonnage to obtain the country that enter fishing to approbate, and hold catchs into what the government signs and issue fishing country licence. Come for years, concerned enterprise takes an active part in place country economic society construction, increasing taxation, stimulative obtain employment, raised the respect such as income level to make positive contribution, get the consistent affirmation of relevant state government and people.

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